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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Documentary on NABM Bhubaneswar

On behalf of 8th Batch of NABM Bhubaneswar  I have  made  a documentary based on two months Induction Training named " 60 days at NABM Bhubaneswar". This documentary was premiered on 21.7.2016 with the presence of Shri I I George ADG(E). I have the privilege of saying this is the first documentary produced on NABM Bhubaneswar by the Trainee. Documentary was Highly appreciated by the ADG, faculty members of NABM, and trainees . It is available on YouTube link.

Contributed by :- Shri. V.Siva Anantha Krishnan, Transmission Executive, All India Radio, Tirunelveli Tamilnadu,

Part of unused TV spectrum to be utilised for mobile services

In March this year, the government said it has allocated a total of 127 Mhz spectrum to eight entities for testing TV white-space technology.Communications ministry on Friday said that a portion of spectrum from a chunk of over 200 MHz airwaves will be utilised for mobile telephony services, after co-ordination with ministry of information and broadcasting. “There exists unused TV spectrum in the 470-698 MHz frequency band currently used by Doordarshan for terrestrial television broadcast in the country,” telecom minister Manoj Sinha said in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha. He said that it has been decided that part of the spectrum in the band will be put to use for International Mobile Telephony (IMT) services, when ecosystem for it is developed. On whether the government has entered into agreement with private organisations or has plans to do so for utilisation of this spectrum, the minister said, “No”. In March this year, the government said it has allocated a total of 127 Mhz spectrum to eight entities for testing TV white-space technology which can ensure hassle-free reception of mobile signals inside buildings and basements.

The then telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had informed the Rajya Sabha that 60 Mhz spectrum had been allocated to ERNET—an autonomous body under the telecom ministry, 20 Mhz to power equipment maker BHEL, 10 Mhz or less each to IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Hyderabad, IIIT Bangalore, Tata Advanced Systems and 10 Mhz to collector and magistrate at Amrawati. TV white-space technology utilises part of spectrum that remains unused while transmitting broadcast signals. Mobile consumers often complain of not receiving signals when they are inside buildings or basements. However, TV white-space is considered efficient to reach deep inside buildings.

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Forwarded by :- Shri. Jainendra Nigam,PB News Desk,

AIR revenue has shown gradual growth; DD has not: Govt

In a digital age when most entertainment is downloadable and proliferation of television has made information easily accessible to general public, it’s heartening to note that pubcaster radio is holding its own against public-funded television. Minister for Information and Broadcasting (MIB) M Venkaiah Naidu informed Lok Sabha (Lower House of Parliament) that All India Radio, managed by pubcaster Prasar Bharati, has shown a gradual increase in revenues. The MIB minister added that on the other hand Doordarshan’s revenue generation has been below par.
According to Naidu, operational cost of Doordarshan and All India Radio, however, is going north as a result of increased manpower hiring and resultant hike in remunerations and benefits given to government officials. Though Prasar Bharati is an autonomous body, the government has been providing non-plan support for meeting 100 per cent expenses towards salary and salary-related expenses and under planned expenditure for technical capital requirements. Prasar Bharati has received a total of Rs 9486.52 crore between 2013-2014 and June 2016 as plan or non-plan grant from MIB. During these years, the amount peaked in 2015-16 when the total grant was Rs 2795.89 crore.
Year-wise Details of total expenditure and Revenue of DD and AIR during last five years are given as under:
(Rs. in crore)
All India Radio
Year         Total expenditure         Revenue earned (Exclusive of Service Tax)
2011-12              1213.58                       325.01
2012-13              1322.06                       319.50
2013-14              1460.33                       367.50
2014-15              1615.70                       435.10
2015-16              1710.08                       447.76
(Rs. in crore)
Year         Total expenditure             Revenue earned (Exclusive of Service Tax)
2011-12             1381.38                         735.32
2012-13             1501.64                        1025.78
2013-14             1602.94                        1043.13
2014-15             1815.22                          911.01
2015-16             1863.60                          755.79
Meanwhile, Naidu added that AIR has no mechanism to undertake audience measurement at regular intervals through field surveys. In the year 2014, DD National’s all-India audience ratings were 0.17%. In the year 2015, the ratings percentage dropped to 0.10% owing to the fact that the ratings agency did not cover 100 per cent of DD National on an all- India basis, MIB minister explained to Parliament. Government also admitted that increasing reach of other TV channels, mainly privately-owned, into rural areas has eaten into the share of DD viewership. In the current year, till the 27th week of 2016, ratings percentage of DD National was 0.11% as per data generated by Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC), which is an industry initiative.
EXPENDITURE ON TRANSMITTERS: Over Rs 1,033 crore has been spent by DD on maintenance of low-power and very low powered transmitters. The total expenditure incurred by Doordarshan during the last three years was 2013-14 Rs. 318.16 crore; 2014-15 Rs. 349.66 crore and 2015-16 Rs. 365.65 crore. Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Rajyavardhan Rathore told the Lok Sabha that Prasar Bharati has 368 very low power TV transmitters (VLPTs) in the country. The junior MIB minister said that while no in-house survey has been conducted to assess LPT (low power transmitters) viewership by DD, BARC too doesn’t provide such data. Prasar Bharati has decided to close four LPTs as they lie in the coverage zone of nearby high power transmitters (HPTs) in Madhepura (Bihar); Simri Bakhtiarpur (Bihar); Khagaria (Bihar); and Kalna (West Bengal). Rathore also added that upgradation/modernization of Doordarshan Kendras is a continuous process.

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Forwarded by :- Shri. Jainendra Nigam, PB News Desk,

Indian DRM car radio set to show at International Broadcasting Convention

The unveiling of software digital radio, the commercial launch of the full-feature DRM Indian receiver and the development of a line-fit car receiver by a top car manufacturer will be among the highlights at this year’s International Broadcasting Convention (IBC).The latest updates on market developments in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America and attend demonstrations of the latest Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) equipment will take place at the IBC being held in Amsterdam from 9 to 13 September.

IBC is the leading global tradeshow for broadcasters and media professionals and attracts over 150,000 visitors every year from over 160 countries worldwide.DRM has made significant progress over the last twelve months particularly in the receiver and car industries.GatesAir, Thomson Broadcast, and Nautel will have separate stalls and a joint event between Ampegon and Transradio will be featured.

DRM Consortium Chairman Ruxandra Obreja said, “If one thing has become clear to us in the last 12 months more than ever it is that digital radio is absolutely the future of radio. As more than one platform or one device is now capable of carrying digital audio broadcasting the various key organisations, regulators, broadcasters and the receiver and automotive industry have to be urged and convinced to embrace publicly the duality and complementarity of the open DRM and DAB standards as the complete Digital Radio solution able to offer full and comprehensive country coverage and full services to all listeners. In our view this means a digital future for all broadcasters large or small, offering more programme choice to listeners, extra multimedia services with text and images, increased energy savings and spectrum efficiency. We hope that IBC will be the perfect forum to demonstrate once again the benefits of DRM and its compatibility and complementarity with other open standards.”

Other DRM members present at IBC will include Babcock International, Fraunhofer IIS, Panasonic, RIZ Transmitters and RFmondial.

Source :Alokesh Gupta facebook

Saturday, July 23, 2016

CEO PB and DGAIR at Akashvani Shantiniketan - National Broadcasting Day

Today is National Broadcasting Day; 89 years ago AIR started broadcasting. Shri Jawhar Sircar, CEO, Prasar Bharati & DG AIR Shri F Shehryar at Akashvani Santiniketan with AIR Announcers.
Source :Jawhar Sircar

Obituary - Md Moizuddin retired IIS officer from RNU Kolkata expires

Md Moizuddin, An officer of Indian information service , who served press Information Bureau for almost 30 years. and retired from RNU, kolkata has expired on 22.07.216. Prasar Bharati Parivar prays to the almighty for peace of departed soul.

Source :Khurshid Mallick  ................

Md Moizuddin, who left us yesterday will remain in my heart till I take last breath.... An officer of Indian information service , served press Information Bureau for almost 30 years. Retired from RNU, kolkata..
How does one express the amazing essence and spirit of Moiz Bhai ....I used to address him with this name, though he was my senior and boss.... But I never felt like calling him sir because of his love and affection he showered upon me... I still recall when on my first day of joining called him "sir". He immediately said.. "No" call me Moiz Bhai....
His selfless generosity , uncompromising belief in all that is good, and his unwavering commitment to family and friends... Aaaaah, what a wonderful person.
Words, even the very best of words, can not pay tribute or truly capture the sense of loss that we are all feeling today..
The loss is there, tangible and real within his family, friends and colleagues ....But Moiz Bhai exemplified Life, Love, Laughter and an irrepressible belief and faith in seeing the best in everything... Even in loss..
Moiz Bhai was a loyal colleague to some and a special friend to many .....zindgi naam hai Mar Mar k jite Jane ka....

National Broadcasting Day - 23 July


"Radio---harbinger of new hope and life"

"With the advent of efficient broadcasting - there is nothing to prevent, in time, the farthest confines of Kashmir, Sikkim or Travancore simultaneously receiving the news of the moment. Although by composition, ours is a commercial company, it is the earnest desire of the Board of Directors to do broadcasting in a spirit of public service.", said Sir Ibrahim Rahimtoola, Chairman of the Indian Broadcasting Company.

It was in June 1923, that the very first radio programme in India was broadcast by the Radio Club of Bombay (Mumbai) and then in November, 1923 from Calcutta (Kolkata). These radio broadcasts were made with the efforts of amateurs, later followed by private enterprise. This was the beginning, of a medium, which was to connect the country through electric waves and eventually contribute greatly in creating new India in new world order!

Finally, organised broadcasting in India began when the first station of the Indian Broadcasting Company (IBC) was inaugurated at Bombay by the British Viceroy of India, Lord Irwin on July 23, 1927. Though it gained a lot of popularity, but the Indian Broadcasting Company went into premature liquidation from March 1, 1930. Eventually, from April 1930, broadcasting in India came under the direct control of the Government.

In September 1935, broadcasting began in the princely State of Mysore with the name AKASHVANI. The name All India Radio was adopted from June 08, 1936 and the Delhi Station of the Indian State Broadcasting Service went on air on January 01, 1936 from the temporary studios at 18, Alipur Road.

Dr. Gopalaswamy Professor of Psychology at the Mysore University had set up a 30 Watt transmitter at his house to air the first broadcast in the year 1935. By the end of 1932 when the BBC started its Empire Service, the number of receivers in India was 8557. It increased to 10,872 by the end of 1933 & 16,000 by the end of 1934. Today, AIR covers 99.19% of total Indian population. It Broadcasts via DTH, live streams several AIR channels and updates through various social networking platforms.

National Broadcasting Day celebrates radio!
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Obituary - Sanjeev Thomas, Sr. Corrospondent DDK Hyderabad Expires

Mr. SANJEEV THOMAS senior correspondent working with DDK Hyderabad passed away on 22.7.2016 due to kidney related problems. Born in year 1957, Sri Sanjeev Thomas had served Doordarshan for the past three decades and contributed many news stories.

Prasar Bharati Parivar condoles the demise of Shri. Sanjeev Thomas and prays to the almighty for the peace of departed soul.

Here is a 1.41 minute vedio of DDK Telgu on late Shri Sanjeev Thomas. 

Contributed by :- Shri. Rayudu Madhu          <>

"न्यूज आन फोन सेवा " की नौवीं सालगिरह !

कला, संस्कृति, साहित्य, संगीत और राजनीति - हर मायनों में हमेशा सुर्खियों में रहने वाले "सूबा- ए- अवध" यानि कि उ० प्र० की राजधानी लखनऊ स्थित प्रसार भारती के आकाशवाणी केन्द्र का प्रादेशिक समाचार एकांश इस 23 जुलाई को अपनी न्यूज आन फोन सेवा की नौवीं सालगिरह मनाने जा रहा है ।23जुलाई 2007 को श्री बी0एस0लाली ,आई0ए0एस0,सी0ई0ओ0,प्रसार भारती ने इस सेवा का शुभारम्भ लखनऊ में सम्पन्न एक भव्य समारोह में किया था ।फोन पर रिंग करते ही श्री नवनीत मिश्र,समाचार वाचक के स्वर में पढ़े गये समाचार जब हाल में सुनाई दिए तो तालियों की करतल ध्वनि से हाल गूंज उठा था ।मुझे याद है कि रात 9बजे तक चले इस समारोह पर आधारित एक घंटे की अवधि की रेडियो रिपोर्ट लखनऊ से सीधे उसी रात 10बजे से राष्ट्रीय नेटवर्क पर जानी थी और ट्रैफिक जाम और आयोजन स्थल से स्टूडियो की दूरी नापते हुए किस तरह से दौड़ते भागते मैनें डा0करुणा शंकर दुबे और डा0रमेश चन्द्र शुक्ल की मदद से इस चैलेंजिंग टास्क को पूरा किया था ।इसका कुशल और प्रभावशाली प्रसारण समय पर सकुशल सम्पन्न होने पर महानिदेशालय ने भी तारीफ़ की थी ।और तो और फोन पर गूंजी उस आवाज़ से प्रभावित होकर उस समय के डी0जी0न्यूज ने समाचार वाचक श्री नवनीत मिश्र को दिल्ली आकर हफ्तों राष्ट्रीय समाचार बुलेटिन भी पढ़ने के लिए बुला लिया था ।

ज्ञातव्य है कि आकाशवाणी लखनऊ के प्रादेशिक एकांश से अनेक नामी गिरामी शख़्सियतों की समबद्धता समय समय पर रही है । पूर्व में श्री यज्ञदेव पंडित, रामजी त्रिपाठी, रामसागर शुक्ल, रज्जन लाल, मुन्नीलाल, श्री खरे ,नवनीत मिश्र, अरुण कुमार श्रीवास्तव, हरिलाल, सुनील शुक्ल, प्रवीण कवि, आर० पी० सरोज आदि भी अपनी स्मरणीय सेवाएं दे चुके हैं । पूर्व समाचार वाचक नवनीत मिश्र ने इस अवसर पर ब्लॉग लेखक को बताया कि "15 अप्रैल 1953 को लखनऊ रेडियो से प्रादेशिक समाचारों का प्रसारण शुरू हुआ। शाम 6बज कर40 मिनट पर पहला बुलेटिन श्री यज्ञदेव पण्डित ने पढ़ा। पहले समाचार संपादक थे श्री बी पी निगम और सहायक संपादक,सूचना प्रसारण मंत्री बी वी केसकर के सहपाठी वी डी शोलापुरकर। पहले संवाददाता समाचारों की रिपोर्टिंग अग्रेजी में किया करते थे जिसका न्यूज सेक्शन में हिन्दी में अनुवाद किया जाता था। "नवनीत जी ने आगे बताया कि बाद में इस अनुवाद-व्यापार को समाप्त करने के लिए पंडित जी विधान मण्डल की कार्यवाही की रिपोर्टिग करने स्वयं जाने लगे।चीनी आक्रमण के बाद 1962 में जब उत्तराखण्ड के लिए उत्तरायण कार्यक्रम शुरू हुआ तब 10 मिनट का बुलेटिन और प्रसारित होने लगा। उस बुलेटिन में देश-विदेश के समाचार शामिल किए जाते थे। अब उसमें विशेष रूप से उत्तराखण्ड राज्य के समाचार होते हैं। न्यूज सेक्शन में पंडित जी के अलावा जयदेव त्रिवेदी,सोहन लाल थपलियाल ,जोज़ेफ़ टेटे और नवनीत मिश्र ने समाचार वाचन किया। श्री रामजी त्रिपाठी ,राम सागर शुक्ल और मुन्नी लालजी लंबे समय तक समाचार संपादक रहे। उर्दू समाचार वाचन में एस ए रिज़वी और शाहीन सुल्ताना के नाम प्रमुख हैं।"आकाशवाणी लखनऊ के प्रादेशिक समाचार एकांश की न्यूज आन फोन सेवा की नौवीं वर्षगांठ पर गोरखपुर स्थित एकांश के वरिष्ठ समाचार संपादक श्री रमेशचंद्र शुक्ल,अनुबंधित वाचक डा० मुमताज अहमद खां,प्रमोद कुमार सिंह, लखनऊ एकांश से लम्बे अरसे से जुड़े अनुबंधित समाचार वाचक श्री प्रेमकान्त तिवारी, शोभित, डी० डी० न्यूज देवरिया के संवाददाता श्री मृत्युंजय प्रसाद विशारद,प्रादेशिक समाचार के महराजगंज प्रतिनिधि प्रेम सिंह सहित प्रसार भारती परिवार की ओर से भी शुभकामनाएं दी जा रही हैं ।

ब्लॉग रिपोर्टर  -  श्री. प्रफुल्ल कुमार त्रिपाठी,लखनऊ; मोबाइल नंबर9839229128

Kargil Vijay Diwas Started with Colourfull Cultural Programmes

The Kargil Vijay Diwas Started today at Drass War Memorial. The team of All India Radio Kargil Consisting of Mohammad Hassan Askari Senior Announcer, Anayat Ali Copy Editor/Correspondent, Senior Technicians Subaedar Singh and Subhash Chandar.

Contributed by :- RNU AIR Kargil   ,

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