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Monday, January 30, 2012

More from Patna


Name of the Station




AIR Patna was inaugurated on 26.01.1948 by the Union Minister of Home and I&B, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.


Duration of Programme

16.05Hrs on Weekdays

17.50Hrs on Sunday


First Station Director

Shri B. S. Mardhekar


First Station Engineer

Shri S. Pattaveer


First Superintending Engineer

Shri M.S.H.Beg


First Asst. News Editor

Shri Gurudatt


Inauguration of RNU

1st news bulletin broadcast as on 28th December 1959


Transmission I

Transmission II

Transmission III

05.45AM-10.15AM (Week days)



05.00PM – 11.10PM(Daily)

YUVVANI : on Vividh Bharati Channel

06.00PM -08.00PM(Daily except Saturday)

06.00PM – 08.00PM(Saturday)


District Covered

Patna, Nalanda, Bhojpur, Rohtas,Buxar, Kaimur, Saran, Gopalganj, Siwan, Muzaffarpur, Vaishali, Gaya, Jehanabad, Nawada, Aurangabad, East Champaran, West Champaran.



Regional News

(Originated by Patna)

03.10 P.M. – Hindi- 05Mts. Duration

03.15 P.M. –Urdu – 05 Mts. Duration

07.30 P.M. – Hindi- 10 Mts. Duration


Type of Transmitter

a) 100 KW MWBel Type HMB 140

Make : Bharat Electronics, Bangalore

b) FM Transmitter Transmitter- HVB-164

RDS Paging : 3KWX2FMT

Make : Bharat Electronics Ltd.

Type : BEL HVB 164

Frequency : 102.5MHz

Saturday, January 28, 2012

AIR Cuttack celebrates its blue sapphire anniversary on 28.01.2012

All India Radio, Cuttack celebrates its blue sapphire anniversary on the 28th of January, 2012. It was this wintry day back in 1948 a 1 KW MW radio station had started its journey in Killa Fort. The bricklayer, if alive, would be proud of his art and profession knowing that there were no cracks in the brickwork although the roof of the studio has been repaired only last year. This station one of the few that came up after independence has played a pivotal role in disseminating information and diffusing innovations. Today it stands at the crossroads of a competitive scenario in which private media players cry blue murder in the market of commodification. To tide over the crisis, I would like to suggest a few things for All India Radio which, I still think, can play a regenerative role in shaping the future of this country:

1. Let us not go television way by imitating programme pattern. Television’s weak point is doughnutting i.e. the clustering of politicians round a speaker during a televised debate. This takes away a wide variety of scheduling in television programming. Radio can thrillingly make use of such great range of options for its own survival.

2. Incremental stations should be allowed to function by investing in resources required for the content. Fresh blood needs to be injected to keep the system operative in totally tubular way.

3. Future plans need to be updated as and when required since deep-freezing can lead to getting caught unawares by other media lying in ambush. Didn’t we wake up to advertising which is “rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket” on primary channel very late? All India Radio was born out of a ludic exercise by Lionel Fielden and Lord Linlithgow who was made to understand that it was his invention though Fielden had his last laugh. Let us have more such role-playing games to keep AIR going in multilevel marketing games.

Contributed by : Tarun Kanti Rout, PEx, AIR Cuttack,

Akashwani Parivar is proud of hundreds of administrative, engineering, programme and news persons who have worked tirelessly to bring the station to this stage and those who are still working at the station and contributing their pie for upliftment of local masses. It’s time to congratulate all of them who have been directly or indirectly associated with the station. We invite all our friends to post their comments to appreciate their efforts. We also request the employees/ex employees of the station to share their Memoirs, experiences and thoughts by adding them in the comment or mailing them to



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Thursday, January 26, 2012

AIR Patna completes 64 years on 26.01.2012

AIR Patna completed 64 years of its glorious service to the Nation on 26.01.2012. The station has served all sections of society and has been catalyst for changes and development in the region transforming the lives of lacks of common folks.

Akashwani Parivar is proud of hundreds of administrative, engineering, programme and news persons who have worked tirelessly to bring the station to this stage and those who are still working at the station and contributing their pie for upliftment of local masses.

It’s time to congratulate all of them who have been directly or indirectly associated with the station. We invite all our friends to post their comments to appreciate their efforts. We also request the employees/ex employees of the station to share their experiences and th
oughts on this faithful day by adding them in the comment

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Contributed by - S.K.Sinha, DDG(E), AIR Patna

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Lessons of life learnt at Shimla
Mr Shrivastav, whom our accountant a nice guy from hills, will always call Mr Vastav, told some of us who were very young at that time “YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERY THING, NOTHING IS FREE AND THIS IS APPLICABLE IN ALL WALKS OF LIFE”. Pease ponder over this philosophical quote. It was true then it is true today and will be for all time to come. It has given me great strength at time of crisis of any kind. I don’t forget to tell my youngsters even today.
Shimla Radio station was working and two of my colleagues Mr M.N.Mehtani and Mr B.K.Anand were posted from the same batch at the studio center a glamorous place located at Council Chambers. Mr R.C.Puri was Programme assistant and Ms Pratima was the announcer. She became Mrs Pratima puri later on and also joined as first T.V. Announcer at Delhi when TV came into existence. A very polite graceful lady who became a house holds name and figure for decades.
The Station used to relay most of the programmes from Delhi, including News in Hindi and English. Hence we from the receiving Centre used to keep the feeds from Delhi continuously on line. It used to be in the evening a rural programme which was originated from there. Evening 6pm was programme summary in English and at 6:05 pm it was in Hindi. From 6:15pm to 6:30 pm there was again relay from Delhi  B . The frequencies for relay for Delhi and Radio Pakistan were adjoining and similar programme used to be on that channel as well. Once while working at Receiving Center at Mt Pleasant, I missed the Delhi frequency and fed Pak channel, it went on air for about five minutes when the announcement came YEH Radio Pakistan Karachi Hai. Immediately I changed the channel and gave the correct programme, but by then damage had been done. Mr Anand at studio also did not notice nor did the programme executive who was supposed to keep monitoring. I remember , our studio AE in-charge who was at the transmitter at that time told us to forget and not to log, thinking no body will notice, but it became a big issue next day in the programme meeting at the station and we were all reprimanded.
NATIONAL PROGRAMME OF MUSIC AND TALKS.- Every Saturday at 21:30 hour’s National programme of music was being relayed from Delhi by all stations of A.I.R. It used to last one and half hour, being on duty I had to listen. Used to feel bored in the beginning, but later on thought, why not enjoy the music part, it reduced the tension and helped me balancing the artists for a programme, when I worked in Broadcasting House Delhi. To the extent some of the senior producers will ask Gupta ji please look after the balancing, and used to leave early, as otherwise they will miss the bus. I will come to it later.
Similarly on Thursdays it used to be National Programme of Talks, a programme by eminent people. It used to last about 45 minutes. Shift used to end there after. The other broadcasts for monitoring will be taken by the men in the recording room directly.   
Shimla being the summer capital of India during British period had many shops on the mall and they had shops in Cannaught place Delhi as well. MR store and Ms Jankidas & Sons, are two names I still remember.
NATIONALISM AND HINDI;- In 1957-58 Late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri had announced in the Parliament that Hindi being National language, those who want to write in Hindi, be allowed. I immediately applied to our Director Monitoring Service that I wanted to change my signatures in the service book from English to Hindi. Every body laughed at me. Director who was fond of BBC and English told me to forget, however on my insistence he forwarded my application to AIR Head Quarters in Delhi. I started signing my attendance, in the log books and where ever possible, in Hindi.
Later, when I was posted in Delhi Station of A.I.R. I came to know, that my case was sent to Ministry of I&B then to Ministry of Home etc and after approval a Circular was issued to all stations of A.I.R., “As desired by Mr Prem Chandra Shift Assistant, he is permitted to sign in Hindi and any other person desirous of doing so may be allowed”. I came to know of the circular from Late Mr M.P. Khosla, a senior colleague in P&D unit. I was called by the accounts branch and I changed my signatures in Hindi in 1960 or so. Some more on my Hindi love some time later.
Taka Bench at the ridge;-  There were some benches placed slightly at elevated hillock in front of the famous Church, this was on way to Jakku. Where from you could have a magnificent view of SUN SET. Mr S.N.Gupta could always been there whenever he was off duty. The place was enclosed and a guard used to be there. We had to pay 2 Paisas to enter, hence the name Taka Bench.
SHOCK OF LIFE There was an audience programme of Dance & Music in the presence of invited audience, arranged by Shimla Radio Station, and for which we all from the station as well as the installation staff worked very hard, were not allowed to sit and view. I don’t remember except the ASE in-charge and his family there was any other technical staff. Of course those on duty in control room were there. It gave me a feeling of guilt, why I joined A.I.R which did not respect the sentiments of its own people. Another Instance at Delhi, I will describe later. 
I will not forget Agrawal hotel in the lower bazaar where we had our lunch and dinner. Some of us were  bachelors, or became bachelors during winters when the families were away, there were others from P&T Department one of them Mr P.D.Garg later retired as DDG Telecom in HQ Delhi. This hotel/ Dhaba  was costliest eating place @ Rs 22/- per month while others were charging only Rs18/-, reason, the  food for his own family was from the hotel only, and you could ask him to cook vegetables of your choice, even the costliest ones. Even after some of us, getting married used to visit his place with our families.
Working at Monitoring Service became memorable, as all the people working there loved each other, even the ones who were a bit hostile in the beginning gave me so much love and affection and stood for one another in time of need. I had a memorable posting at Shimla.
I was transferred from Shimla to Broadcasting House Delhi some time in August 1959, after three years of stay. 



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Thursday, January 19, 2012

AIR Jagdalpur will turn 35 on 22.01.2012

All India Radio, Jagdalpur celebrates its 35th Anniversary on 22nd January, 2012. The installation of this station started during 1974 and completed for broadcasting with interim studio set up by September, 1976 and continuous test transmissions were carried out thereafter. The Station was inaugurated on 22.01.1977 The installation team consisted of Mr. M.Indiran, IO, Mr. Ranjit Singh, IO, Mr. S.Francis, IO, Mr. C.L.Aggarwal, DIE and Mr. B.K.Rao, DIE.

The first Programme Officer posted at this station before inauguration was Mr. A.K.Padhi as PEX followed by Mr. G.S.Arya, PEX and Mr. M.S.Panigrahi, ASD. Shri B.D.Mathur, was the first Station Director & Shri M.S.Barnela, was the first Station Engineer of this station. Initially the power of the transmitter was 20 KW which was upgraded by 100 KW during 1997.

The station was duly inaugurated by the then Hon’ble Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Late Shri Shyamacharan Shukla. The Chief Guest of the occasion was Late Shri Sanjay Gandhi and was presided over by the then Minister for Information and Broadcasting Shri Vidyacharan Shukla. The station broadcasts mainly in Hindi and in some of the local dialects. The following Officers led the station throughout these years.

S/Shri B.D.Mathur, R.P.Itigi, M.S.Panigrahi, B.Bhadravrata, H.N.Patro, Smt. U.V.Page, D.P.Rao, Hassan Khan, Ms. Sanjeevani Sudha Patnaik were the Station Directors.

S/Shri M.S.Barnela, P.S.Bajpai, K.K.Sharma, M.R.Nagaraja, Anil Kumar, K.D.Kaushal, R.C.Raipure, B.Jayaprakash Babu were the Station Engineers.

S/Shri M.S.Panigarhi, G.S.Arya, Rajeev Kumar Shukla, U.K.Das, B.Sonbarsa, H.K.Pani, R.N.Nath were the Asstt. Station Directors.

S/Shri S.Jayaraman, Prakash Dehriya, S.K.Arora, Ashish Bhatnagar, G.M.V.Subba Rao, R.C.Raipure, R.K.Vishnoi, M.A.Modak, Sudarshan Ansolia, G.P.Sharma, B.M.Verma were the Asstt. Station Engineers.

Contributed by - B.M.Pradhan, Asstt. Engineer (Head of Office), AIR Jagdalpur,

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