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Monday, December 31, 2012

MW Transmission for AIR Delhi completes 76 years

  January 1, 1936 saw the setting up of the 20 KW Delhi Station from 18, Alipur road as the first new centre under the new scheme of expansion and development of Indian broadcasting. Ahmed Shah Bokhari joined AIR as station director in March 1936 and C W Goyder, an expert from BBC, became AIR’s first chief engineer in August 1936.

Prasar Bharati Parivar is proud of hundreds of administrative, engineering, programme and news persons who have worked tirelessly to bring the station to this stage and those who are still working at the station and contributing their pie for upliftment of masses.

It’s time to congratulate all of them who have been directly or indirectly associated with the station. We invite all our friends to post their comments to appreciate their efforts. We also request the employees/ex employees of the station to share their experiences and thoughts on this day by adding them in the comments.
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The Adventures of AIR Project Wing


Some of the adventure Nature    loving Staff of the Project Wing ofAll   India Radio of O/o Addl Director General (WZ)                          AIR & DD, Mumbai has performed an adventures trip to the nature of ‘CHIKHALDARA’ near Amaravati in Maharashatra, from 14th to 16th Dec 2012 to rejuvenate from the routine of Mumbai Life  
The 1st day started from MOZARI point to the MOZARI Village (Korku Adivasi Village) situated  at 3000 ft below and 2500 ft far and then trekking from MOZARI village to GAVILGARH fort which is at a height of 3000ft through rich jungle, rocks, waterfalls, animals and the life in remote village.             The 2nd day was an adventurous whose starting point was at BELA Village,18 Km from CHIKHALDARA. The team enjoyed 3 Km river trekking to a interior forest Spot of BAKADARI. There the members perform the valley crossing (90 meter length between 2 rocks crossing a water fall) whose depth is 2000 ft deep. After valley/waterfall crossing, the rock climbing started, the rock is of 90 degree perpendicular and of 95 ft height.

on return trekking to BELA village through a route of 3 Km         covering   a height of 1500 ft, A Rope trail crossing across the 200 ft depth valley was also performed by participants, nearby a spot at CHIKHALDARA.


3rd day sightseeing was done at the Panchbol, Devi Point ,Harricane Point and Bhimkund.The CHIKHALDARA is famous for its Orange and Coffee plantations along with mountains and deep valleys and has a place in the Mythological History that the Bhima, one of the Pandavas has killed the Keechaka  at this place.         The participants enjoyed the 3 days  in collaboration with the PALSPHUL PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT CENTRE, CHIKHALDARA .   Interested trekkers in Adventure Sports including Mountaineering may contact this centre.
You may also send group photos of staff at your station, photos of various activities at your station with single line description to Selected photo will be uploaded on the blog along with your name. Outstanding photos of scenery taken by the members are also welcome.

 Contributed by:C.K.OMPRKASH

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Message from our DG:AIR

Dear PB Parivar I wish You Happy New Year I am proud to be a part of family which is historical of almost 87 years. We fought like soldiers almost round the clock away from homes All India trasfer liability and couldn t see even children when they needed us b cause B cast had to go Remember we are on Border ; on mountain ; in dense forest ; on sea coast and everywhere to serve Now we are numbered and performing and BCast is still on So we are and we shall be We are so b casting and keep on Congrats -  Mandloi

Friday, December 28, 2012

TRAI recommends Centre, State govt not to enter broadcasting business

Dec 28
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India -TRAI on Friday recommended not allowing Central or State Government or any company or any entity funded by them to enter into the business of broadcasting or distribution of TV channels. It said that the arm’s length relationship between Prasar Bharti and the Government be further strengthened.

TRAI has also recommended for taking such measures to ensure functional independence and autonomy of Prasar Bharti. According to an official release, the recommendations came following a reference by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting seeking its recommendations in this regard last month.

TRAI has also advised the Centre to provide and appropriate exit route in case it has already given permission to any government owned or joint venture entity to enter into cable distribution platform.

Courtesy : News on AIR 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

CEO Speaks to PB Family (Exactly Six months back we uploaded this first of it's kind message, which is equally relevent today)

 Zonal Co-ordination Meetings
(ZCM) & 5 ‘C’s

Dear Friends,
         I wish you all Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. If you recall that during our round of ZCMs that we held in Guwahati, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Bhopal and Srinagar, we had discussed a lot of subjects and raised a lot of issues.  They are being processed and some of the ideas given by our field officers have already been implemented. I will personally go through these issues in early January and you may let me know some immediate priorities, which you would like to be cleared without any further delay.

        If you remember, we discussed the 5 ‘C’s for bringing about a positive change in the functioning of Prasar Bharati.  This basically means that the Engineering, Programme, News and Administrative Divisions of Akashvani and Doordarshan would need to work together on the 5 points. I place below short points on each one of these ideas and you may like to go over them.


·     The spirit of teamwork to be realized and convergence to begin at the field level. News, Programme, Engineering, Administration, Finance and Marketing of both AIR and Doordarshan to work cohesively to achieve larger objectives.

·    To regularly exchange best practices from within the organization and from outside.

·      To build synergy between AIR & Doordarshan News. News gathering to be joint utilizing the vast network of about 600 Stringers and the same number of Part Time Correspondents,  available in every part of the country. This has the potential to beat any other channel through its sheer size and networking.

·     To safeguard valuable recordings of AIR and Doordarshan. Archival material to be preserved using the latest technology.

·   To propagate the country’s unity in diversity safeguarding the principles of secularism and equality.


 ·      Effective communication within the organization and in the organization vis-à-vis the rest.

·        E-flyers, webcasting, audio-on –demand/podcasting, news on mobile, IPTV, You Tube, social networking sites to be used for wider reach, promotion, publicity and interactivity.

·      Keeping in view the fact that 65% of India’s population is below 35 years, AIR/DD to gear up in this era of mobility and use the vast communication network available through nearly 900 million mobile sets and nearly150 million internet connections for publicity and communication.

·       To be visible and to be heard. Locations to be identified (in govt. premises) for putting up Billboards, Electronic boards publicizing popular programmes. Regional newspapers to be used effectively for advertising programmes. Media partnership with leading local dailies to be explored. Cross channel publicity to be mounted on the huge network of AIR and DD Channels. Multimedia platforms to be effectively used for publicity.

·     Details of programme producers associated with the organization, equipment purchased in the last 5 years to be made available in public domain for greater transparency.


·        News to have a ‘positive bias’ to issues of caste, gender, crime … Focus on the punishment not on the crime, to emphasize that crime will not go unpunished. While some TV channels sensationalize rape or the incidence of rape by taking the tape/camera to the person who has already been traumatized, the public broadcaster to project retribution. All the 341 kendras would pick up that news of that punishment that has happened in one corner of India and broadcast it far and wide.

·    To constantly update. Repetition in news bulletins to be avoided. Every succeeding bulletin to carry updates for enhanced listenership and credibility. RNU contribution to be visible in National bulletins. News to be focused more on the event than on the person. Anchors and panels to be ‘peppy’, backdrops vibrant/ pleasing to the eye, the look and feel attractive.

·      To devise programming for the social cause. Like ‘Satyamev Jayate’ more such bold and innovative programmes to be broadcast in public interest.

·        To use dialects in programming to enhance reach. 

·        To use LPT’s for nichecasting in dialects.

·       Improved packaging with crisp introduction for Feature films on Doordarshan to whet viewers’ appetite.

·     Best archive material to be dubbed to Hindi and other languages for greater reach.


 ·       Systems to be transparent, open, simple to follow and quick on response.

·      Professional content management, Management Information System (MIS) for land, property, personnel, court cases, budget and finance to be in place.

·      To archive and digitize. To facilitate online sale of DVD’s.

·     DTH to be a corporate entity and to be marketed and facilitated, with proper menu, supply chain display and promos.

· Studios to be better utilized. Possibility of renting /leasing of Infrastructure/towers etc. to be explored

·    E mail, messaging etc. to be adopted for speedy communication.


·        Take the team along.  It cannot be a one way traffic. 

·    Staff to extend full cooperation, to contribute ideas for betterment of programmes/organization.

I hope we are clear on these.

My Best wishes to you, your family and colleagues


Jawhar Sircar

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Social Initiative by PB Employees in NE

Career Guidance and counseling for young students – A social initiative by Prasar Bharati Employees – Lorenzo Warjari, Edmund C Mihsil, Ambrosh  Khongshun, Bah Hynyotta, Wilson, and others from AIR & DD at Shillong Meghalaya. Best wishes from PB Parivar...

Contributed by :  lorenzo warjri <>.

This Blog is a platform to share positive ideas and works. Details of similar social contributions carried out at other stations also, if any can be sent for upload at 

Mobile app to help women in distress send quick SOS alerts

Women in the country can now look forward to alerting their friends and family through the push of a button on sensing danger using a mobile application called 'Fight Back'.

Developed by mobile value added services provider CanvasM, the application tracks a user's location and sends SOS messages to selected contacts in case of an emergency.

"We feel the application can help make a woman feel safe, especially given the current law and order situation. The app allows them to press panic button whenever they feel unsafe. It tracks the location using GPS and alerts the right people," CanvasM CEO Jagdish Mitra said.

There has been an outrage in the country over alleged rape of a paramedical student by six men in a moving bus."Such incidents are shameful. The application is our way of contributing to make women feel safe," Mitra said.Fight Back is available for smartphones running on Android, Blackberry and Symbian operating systems.

"We will soon come up with a similar SMS-based application so that the benefits can be extended to non-smartphone users as well," he added.While the application has been available for sometime now, it has seen about 3,000-4,000 downloads.

To spread awareness about Fight Back, the company is talking to various companies, including BPOs, and colleges. In addition, they are looking at tie-up with telecom operators and NGOs to promote the service.


Honouring the Veterans

1955, I was here as Announcer….” Nostalgia spread as Smt. Mangla Joshi former announcer recounted her memoirs, Early days of AIR Pune. The occasion was an event by welfare club of AIR Pune on 19.12.2012 to honour our former employees, our seniors, who made the Akashvani Pune of Today. Around 50 veterans many of them in 80’s and 90’s went emotional as they spoke about their days in Akashvani.
It was great satisfaction in honouring our seniors, all of them Blessed not only AIR Pune but the whole Prasar Bharati parivar. The best Gift we could ever get…

आकाशवाणी इन्दौर की सराहना....मध्यप्रदेश संदेश में.

मध्यप्रदेश शासन की मासिक पत्रिका मध्यप्रदेश संदेश के जुलाई 2012 के अंक में आकाशवाणी महानिदेशक महोदय श्री लीलाधर मण्डलोई जी के मार्गदर्शन में आकाशवाणी इन्दौर के कार्यक्रम प्रमुख श्री रामस्वरूप रतौनिया द्वारा भारतीय साहित्य और संस्कृती को संजोये रखने की कोशिश के तहत किए जा रहे कार्यक्रमों पर एक विशेष रिपोर्ट प्रकाशित की गयी है

Contributed By: Praveen Nagdive


 from Member (P) to all staff & officers of Prasar Bharati  -  
Our Heartiest Greetings for a New Year of settlements and Merry Christmas. 

-Brig(Ret) Hussain, M(P), Prasar Bharati 
You may also send group photos of staff at your station, photos of various activities at your station with single line description to Selected photo will be uploaded on the blog along with your name. Outstanding photos of scenery taken by the members are also welcome.

Monday, December 24, 2012


93rd Akhil Bharatiya Natya Sammelan was held at Baramati near Pune . The event was covered by OB team of Pune and was broadcast on state hook up.
Contributed By: Shri P.R.Pehakar,Pune

Sunday, December 23, 2012

“Yaksha Vaibhav” programme organized by Mangalore Akashvani

 Yakshagana is a complete theatre. Music, dialogue, dance,performance 
and all other aspects are involved in it. It gives education, entertainment and thus nurture thesociety, said Shri Keshavananda Bharathi Swamiji of Edneer Mutt, Kasargod. 
He was inaugurating “Yaksha Vaibhav”programme organized by Mangalore Akashvani at Idiyadka Temple hall, Perla. If an art form becomes too popular, it looses its thoroughness, brittle the bare and becomes swallow. We should not allow yakshagana to go that extent. It is 
our responsibility to strengthen this art form. Akashvani is still maintain the quality, swamiji added. 
Soorikumeru Govind Bhat, a senior Yakshagana artist, Sarapady Ashok Shetty, another Yakshagana aartist and T R K Bhat, a social worker have participated as Chief Guests. While delivering the presidential address, Dr. Vasanthkumar Perla, Head of Programme, AIR, Mangalore, said that Mangalaore Akashvani as very popular. Even today listeners wait for its weekly yakshagana programme he said. When we media was there to popularize or exhibit yakshagana, Mangalore Akashvani started a forum and encouraged the artists. Through varied and special programmes Akashvani Mangalore is still in the forefront and nearly 30 lakhs people listen our programme he said. 

Dr. Sadananda Holla, Programme Executive welcomed the gathering. Dr. Sadananda Perla, Transmission Executive compared and K. Ashok, Transmission Executive gave vote of thanks. 

The members of ‘Yakshaprabha’ Ujire have exgibited “Krishnarjuna Kalaga” – yakshagana programme on this occasion. Thousands of people witnessed the programme as it was first of its kind in Perla. 

Contributed By: ashok mangalore E mail:

BBC - Media Centre - Joint statement by seven international broadcasters

BBC - Media Centre - Joint statement by seven international broadcasters

The following joint statement has been issued today by seven international broadcasters, including the BBC.
We, the representatives of Audiovisuel Extérieur de la France (AEF), Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) [Australia], British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) [United Kingdom], Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) [US], Deutsche Welle (DW) [Germany], Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK) [Japan] and Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW), have met in Berlin to discuss common concerns.
We find international journalism is facing unprecedented challenges from countries that seek to deny their own citizens access to information from outside their borders in violation of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states:
“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”
We call upon the world’s nations to strengthen their commitment to Article 19 and to support expanded opportunities to share information across borders through digital and mobile technologies.
Yet we note with dismay that certain governments continue to control the flow of information. For example, China routinely blocks the Web and social media sites of our broadcasters and jams our shortwave signals, or Iran and Syria interfere with the satellite signals that carry our programs. Governments in Eurasia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America also seek to control what their own citizens can see, hear and read.
Many of these actions, including intentional jamming of satellites, violate international regulations. We condemn them without reservation.
We also call attention to troubling new challenges to free expression. Some governments are seeking to enact far-reaching telecommunications regulations to stymie free speech.
At the World Conference on International Telecommunication (WICT) in Dubai, representatives of the world’s nations have considered telecommunications rules that might explicitly apply to the Internet for the first time.
We cast a wary eye on such efforts to control the Internet, and we denounce efforts to identify and track Internet users in order to stifle free expression, inquiry and political activity.
We have agreed to increase, whenever possible, our support for efforts to circumvent Web censorship through the use of new and innovative hardware and software tools. We also agreed to increase our advocacy for Internet freedom.
Courtesy : BBC Media Centre 

Saturday, December 22, 2012


If you get stuck anywhere in India,do not rely on auto/bus/taxi,instead dial 44222222 or 4433222 which is the number of cabs with female drivers that have been started for the safety of women.

All India Radio trains producers to attracts youth

Staff Training Institute of Prasar Bharathi, Bhubaneshwar organised a five-day workshop for the producers of All India Radio (AIR), drawn from various states. The workshop was held at the studios of All India Radio, Chennai. The focus of the workshop was to discuss the strategies of packaging programmes for youth, to attract more youth towards AIR. The course was designed and conducted by Ms Rashmi Pradhan, Deputy Director of the Institute.
While, all the private broadcasters focus mostly on entertainment and sensationalism, AIR has been silently producing and broadcasting many useful and innovative programmes for the benefit of all sections of the society.The five-day workshop organised by Prasar Bharathi is significant to train their producers to re-orient themselves and to compete with the new generation broadcasters. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Yuvraj Bajaj, ADG(E), DD Directorate, Delhi visits Bhubhaneswar

Shri Yuvraj Bajaj, ADG(E), Doordarshan Directorate, New Delhi was on a two-day visit to Bhubaneswar in connection with a work-shop on “Digital Earth Station Measurement Course”.  The work-shop was inaugurated by Shri Bajaj on 19.12.20112 at Regional Staff Training Institute, Bhubaneswar. He also paid a visit to Doordarshan Kendra, Bhubaneswar on 20.12.2012 and had a meeting with senior officers of different wings on functioning of the Kendra.
Contributed by : Pranabandhu Behera

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Punjab to start radio classrooms in govt. schools

The Punjab government has decided to start radio classrooms in all government primary schools from December 20 under its Parvesh Project, aimed at bringing qualitative improvement in primary education.
Stating this on Monday, Education Minister Sikander Singh Maluka said under this new arrangement, a special 20-minute education programme would be telecast through regional centre of FM Jalandhar, FM Rainbow, Jalandhar, Local Radio Station, Bathinda and Patiala from 1430 hrs to 1450 hrs for primary students.
He said this new initiative was aimed at imparting education on selected subjects in a simple but an interesting manner by using the strong medium of radio.
He said the Punjab government was committed to upgrade the primary education and decided to adopt different mediums and interesting manners to develop more interest for education among tender minds.
He said after comprehensive study it was found that by using the medium of radio, some tough concepts could be explained to the kids in a simple manner and the special radio classroom initiative would also help the young minds to concentrate on studies.
The minister has directed the Director General School Education to ensure provision of radio sets in all the government primary schools besides educating the teachers about the channel and its frequency for this new radio classroom system.

Source : iGovernment Newsletter

IT Literacy...

With the current level of general and e-literacy, existence of 22 languages, explosion of mobile phone subscriber base, steady growth of Internet users etc, the immediate requirement of such a content policy cannot be overstated, argues Ashis Sanyal

If we take a quick look in the areas of ICT infrastructure readiness in the country it is evident that we have covered significant ground since the last decade. The large G2G middleware network SWANs started functioning across the country barring 2 or 3 States/UTs, backend storage infrastructure like SDCs are functioning in 18-20 States, front-end access points like CSCs are operational in rural India in around 80,000 Panchayat villages. NKN, to connect 1800 Knowledge Institutions of the country, is proliferating slowly but steadily. National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) project, to connect 2,50,000 Village Panchayats through OFC, has started with an ambitious timeline of completion by 2013-14. Read more at..

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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