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Friday, October 31, 2014

The “Swachcha Bharat Campaign” was observed in Doordarshan Kendra Kolkata

The “Swachcha Bharat Campaign” was observed in Doordarshan Kendra Kolkata, on 2nd October,2014, the birth day of Mahatma Gandhi.
The officers and other employees from all sections of Doordarshan Kendra Kolkata participated in the events of the Swachcha Bharat Campaign in the office complex. At the beginning of the event ADG, Shri P. K. Subhash and DDG(E), Shri Rajat Bose garlanded the photo of Mahatma Gandhi. At 9.30 am all officers and employees of DDK, Kolkata had taken cleanliness pledge under the supervision of ADG and after that took part in cleanliness activities in the office premises. 

Contributed By :- Shri. Rajat Bose, DDG (E), Doordarshan Kendra Kolkata. <>

Pledge taking ceremony on 31-10-14 on the occasion of Rashtriya Ekta Divas by AIR CBS Chandigarh Staff.

Contributed By :- Shri. Ashwini Kumar <>

Eminent kashmiri poet and short story writer, Amin Kamil passed away

Eminent kashmiri poet and short story writer, Amin Kamil passed away in Jammu on 30.10.2014. He was 90. Mr. Kamil was a major voice in Kashmiri poetry and one of the chief exponents of kashmiri Ghazal. Apart from Ghazals and short stories, Mr. Kamil has written many plays and musicals for Radio. His literary and creative prose style has been admired by one and all…

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Music stars to pay tribute to 1965 Indo-Pakistan war martyrs

To commemorate the 50th year anniversary of the Indo-Pakistan war of 1965, veterans of the music industry L Subramaniam, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Suresh Wadkar are coming together for a special concert to honour the martyrs.
Titled 'Smarananjali', the event has been conceptualised by Doordarshan and will pay homage to the brave soldiers.
"It is my great pleasure to be a part of such an event. It is not everyday that such programmes are organised. We may be well-known singers but compared to the contribution of the martyrs, our work is nothing. We have prepared a set of songs to suit the occasion," said Subramaniam, who along with his singer wife Kavita Krishnamurthy have been part of the event in Bangalore since 2007.
Echoing her husband's sentiments, Krishnamurthy said that she feels privileged to be attached to a event, which has such a special significance.
"I can only say that I am honoured to be doing something in memory of people who have laid down their lives for us and have served selflessly," she said.
The 56-year-old singer, who has given hits like 'Tu Hi Re', 'Kay Sera Sera', 'Dheeme Dheeme Gaoo', 'Maar Daala', said she is very particular about the work she does now.
"I have been singing in the film industry for the past 35 to 40 years. Now, I have made the choice not to take up any song. I just want to do work that fills my heart. Being associated to an event like this is one such thing that I enjoy," Krishnamurthy said.
Wadkar said he is grateful to be given an opportunity to perform alongside Subramaniam and Krishnamurthy for such a noble cause. The musical tribute will be interlaced with specially choreographed dance performances of memorable patriotic songs by Manjula Parmesh and Group.
"The programme is a humble effort to symbolise the nation's tribute to martyrs and will help to renew our solidarity towards our brave soldiers and their families," said Mahesh Joshi Chandana, Additional Director General, Delhi Doordarshan. The event will be held on Friday at Siri Fort auditorium.

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Contributed By :- Shri. Jainender Nigam.

Wish happy retirement life to our elder colleagues

Following are some of our friends who will be superannuating from AIR & DD on 31.10.2014 after giving in their valuable contributions to the organization. 

01. Smt. Sharada, Pex                                   AIR, Mangalore     
02. Smt. Valsakumari C.D., UDC                  AIR, Thiruvananthapuram    09496422556
03. Dr. Meera Jha, Sr. Announcer                 AIR, Bhagalpur      
04. Shri. Hrushikesh Ayachit, Sr. Announcer   AIR, Nashik      
05. Shri. Tapan Prasad Rath, Cameraman Gr. II DDK, Bhubaneswar       09437011159
06. Shri. Gangadhar Acharya, Graphic Artist    DDK, Bhubaneswar     09437630177
07. Smt. S.A. Barthakur, LIA                          AIR, Pune                        09405352773
08. Shri. Abdul Salim Khan, AE                     AIR, Indore   09074213979/  07869637807
09.  Dr. Ravi Shankar, SD                              AIR, Varanasi    
10. Shri. K.P. Yadav, AD (OL)                      AIR, Panaji                    09421086656
11. Shri. R.V. Ramanathan, Instrumentalist      AIR, Tirunelveli               09994721827
12. Shri. S. Rangarajan, Instrumentalist           AIR, Tiruchirapalli            09944226611
13. Shri. Balasundaram N, Helper                  TVRC, Mayiladuthurai       DMC, Puducherry
14. Smt. Vandana Sharma, PEX                    DDK, Mumbai      
15. Smt. V. Nagamani, HC/SSK                   AIR, Visakhapatnam      

These officers have given 30-35 years of their prime life to the organization and their contributions have helped AIR and Doordarshan stand as proud public broadcasters of the country. We thank these officers for their services to the organization and wish them a happy retired life.

Information about other retiring officers (of all grades and disciplines) may be added on the blog. Please mail details of retiring friends from your station to

Retiring friends may also like to address their friends through this blog for which they can send their photo & write-ups to for possible upload on the  blog.

Compiled by: Shri.Suryakant S.Kadam, AIR Pune,

Sardar Patel Memorial Lecture....

 All India Radio has been hosting the “Sardar Patel Memorial Lecture” annually since 1955 as a mark of respect to Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, India’s first Minister of Information and Broadcasting.

Sh. F. Sheheryar, Director General, All India Radio welcoming Dr. Chandan Mitra, Hon'ble Member of Parliament and Eminent Journalist on the occasion of Sardar Patel Memorial Lecture- 2014.
Dr. Chandan Mitra, Hon'ble Member of Parliament and Eminent Journalist delivered the prestigious “Sardar Patel Memorial Lecture- 2014” on 'Marxism, Socialism & Integral Humanism' this evening in Delhi.
Source - Akashvani Prasar Bharti FB, Blog Report-Praveen Nagdive

आकाशवाणी इन्दौर के श्री सलीम खान आज होंगे सेवानिवृत्त...

अपने सेवाकाल को पूर्ण कर श्री सलीम खान, सहायक अभियंता के पद से आज सेवानिृवत्त हो रहे है ।
Blog Report-Praveen Nagdive,ARU,AIR Indore

Chandan Mitra speaks on Marxism at Patel memorial lecture

Chandan Mitra 
Marxism, Socialism and Integral Humanism is the blue print of harmonious and more inclusive society, eminent journalist Chandan Mitra said today while delivering the Sardar Patel Memorial lecture here. 
Since 1955, All India Radio organises Sardar Patel Memorial Lecture every year to remember India's first Minister of Information and Broadcasting. 
This year's topic was ---Marxism, Socialism and Integral Humanism. 
In his insightful lecture Mitra emphasised on the basic principles that make the foundation of integral humanism, the released said. 
Mitra said that duties and rights are the two sides if a triangle with dharam as base, it said. 
AIR has always made an effort to choose a topic which adequately defines the present political, economic and social scenario of the country, Prasar Bharati officials said.

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Contributed By :- Shri. Jainender Nigam.

Viewers are running to DD from noise on private news channels: A. Surya Prakash

The Prasar Bharati chairman on autonomy for Doordarshan and turning DD News into a top-class news channel . 

A. Surya Prakash, consulting editor at the English daily Pioneer and a fellow at the Vivekananda International Foundation, was appointed the chairman of Prasar Bharati earlier this week. In an interview at the Prasar Bharati office in New Delhi, he spoke of autonomy for Doordarshan and turning DD News into a top-class news channel. Edited excerpts: 

What is your agenda as chairman of Prasar Bharati, considering Doordarshan seems to be under government control? - Since the idea is to have an autonomous corporation, I think everyone should strive towards that whether one is in the government or in Prasar Bharati. As far as my agenda is concerned, whether it’s digitization or other new technologies that we need to adopt, we have to get the volumes and look at their commercial viability. These are ideas that we need to pursue. 

Would you push for autonomy of Prasar Bharati during your term?- I was looking at the budget of Prasar Bharati. The budgetary support was Rs.1,400 crore about four-five years ago. In the current financial year, it is Rs.1,950 crore. Out of a budget of approximately Rs.4,000 crore, 50% is coming from the Union of India. I don’t think this is a good idea. We need to look at that. These are my preliminary views on the matter. I need to sit with colleagues and ideate on some of these things. I’m very troubled that public money of Rs.2,000 crore is going to Prasar Bharati on an annual basis. Do we really need that kind of budgetary support from the government? The corporation must, therefore, look at its assets. We must objectively bring about an improvement in the commercial viability of the organization. There needs to be a 10-year plan where Prasar Bharati can stand on its own feet. We need to look at some recommendations made by the Sam Pitroda committee or anything that is good and will take us towards strengthening Prasar Bharati as an autonomous institution. 

So far, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has used both Doordarshan and All India Radio (AIR) to communicate with the people. What will be the role of the state broadcaster in the new political philosophy of this government? Today we have a Prime Minister who is so strong on social media and it’s a very big advantage compared with the past where the priorities of the Prime Minister were something else. His (Modi’s) whole idea of communicating and reaching out is pretty good. My media instinct tells me that his show, Man Ki Baat (on AIR), will be very popular. Don’t look at it purely in political terms. Look at it as a national leader who wants to communicate with citizens on a weekly or fortnightly basis. He is speaking on radio and 100 television channels are taking the feed and broadcasting it. This is also totally unprecedented. I think every Man ki Baat episode will have lots of news value. I also think people will go back to radio sets to listen in rather than watch it on a news channel. 

How do you plan to differentiate your brands from private news channels? - When all the private players came in, I thought these guys (DD) are going to have a tough time. How will DD survive? But look at DD over the last four-five years, it’s no longer a “sarkari” channel like it used to be in old times. If you look at its news coverage and programmes, the environment has enabled it to have a decent run order of stories which can match up to all the other channels. I thought private competition from all sides would finish the viewership of Doordarshan. But that hasn’t happened, because, luckily for the public service broadcaster, there is a lot more noise during prime time on the private news channel. There are lots of citizens who are troubled by it and who are running away from the private channels for this reason. And they are going to Doordarshan. I’ve heard this from friends for some months now. So let them (private channels) fight it out. We need to be a top-class news channel. I think we can get there and we must get there. Even for AIR, nobody can say it’s a “sarkari” channel. In democratic terms, we have come some distance in this country. The democratic environment is such that people in power are far more tolerant today of the other point of view than they were 40-50 years ago. You can see that in the way people conduct themselves. So the environment itself is conducive to a more independent news environment. 

Source & Credit : Vidhi choudhry, FIRST PUBLISHED: FRI, OCT 31 2014. 12 52 AM IST

Forwarded by : Jainender Nigam


AIR, Dharwad has once again bagged awards in AAA-2013 – Second prize in the category of musical features and Certificate of merit in the category of Best Science programmes.

‘Kappe Anupama Varna’ – a musical feature written and produced by Shri.Diwakar Hegde and produced by Shyri.Diwakar Hegde, PEX, AIR, and Dharwad has bagged the Second Prize.


A feature about the contrast between black and white in based on the life and message of Lord Krishna. Krishna’s is a story of darkness leading a person holding his hand. It is a story of darkness colouring a life with various hues. The visible varieties of God which flash through the mind are indeed rarer than His visible appearance. Krishna being black has given more space for imagination. Had he been white this much of imagination would not have been there.
This feature narrates the story of Krishna high lighting the contrast of Black and White throughout his life, with the help of songs sung by saints and hymn from Bhagavadgeeta.

Diwakar Hegde, Programme Executive , All India Radio Dharwad, Karnataka. Poet, Play wright. Published four books. Artist of Yakshagaana. Karnataka Nataka Academy Award, K R Prakash Ranga Prashasti, for theater activities. K V Subbanna Award for play writing. Twenty four years of experience in broadcasting. Produced more than fifteen series mainly on the matters of public concern. Got three awards in Akashvani Annual Awards Competition.

‘BAADADA BALLI’ – a documentary written and produced by Smt.Kirti Nidgundi, PEX, AIR,Dharwad has been awarded the certificate of merit in the category of Best Science programme.

About the Programme-Baadada Balli that means the ‘The unwithering Cord’ deals with the research and achievements in the field of umbilical cord blood banking. As soon as optimism surfaced in the research of stem cells, there arose possibilities of regenerating organs of the body and repairing of damaged parts. This led to the world wide intensive research in the field of stem cell treatment. India has been no exception. Umbilical Cord Banks sporadically sprung up when it was known that parents could preserve the tem-cell-rich umbilical cords of their new borns.
Though these stem cells can cure some select diseases,there arose a hype that these stem cells were a panacea for all diseases. The documentary ‘Baadada Balli’ revolves around umbilical cord blood banking, it’s limitations, technology as well as the commercialization that is associated with it.

About the producer- Smt.Kirti Nidgundi, PEX, AIR, Dharwad is basically Engineering Graduate. She has won the first prize in innovative programme category in AAA -2010 and the first prize in Special Topic Documentary in AAA-2012. Besides, she has also won many State, AIR, awards for her programmes.

Contributed by:- Achyutha D Air Dharwad Karnataka

आज आकाशवाणी भोपाल का स्थापना दिवस... होंगे विशेष कार्यक्रम.......


आकाशवाणी भोपाल के 59वें स्थापना दिवस पर 31/10/2014 (शुक्रवार) को विशेष कार्यक्रम ”बदलते परिवेष में आपकी आकाशवाणी से अपेक्षाएं” का प्रसारण आकाशवाणी भोपाल से रात्रि 08:00 से 08:30 बजे तक तथा इसी कार्यक्रम का प्रसारण विविध भारती भोपाल के एफ.एम. 103.5 Mhz.

आकाशवाणी भोपाल से कल 31/10/2014 को प्रातः 11:00 बजे से दोपहर 12:00 तक सजीव-फोन-इन कार्यक्रम “आओ आगनबाड़ी चलो” का प्रसारण। श्रोतागण अपनी जिज्ञासाओं के समाधान 0755-2660902 तथा 2660903 पर फोन कर प्राप्त कर सकेंगे। हर्टज पर षाम 06:30 बजे से रात्रि 0700 तक। विज्ञापन प्रसारण सेवा 103.5 मेगा हर्टज पर आकाशवाणी वार्षिक पुरस्कार 2013 के युववाणी वर्ग के अंतर्गत मैरिट प्रमाण पत्र प्राप्त कार्यक्रम “रफ्तार” का प्रसारण प्रातः 11:02 से प्रातः 11:30 बजे तक ।

Contribution-Rajeev Shrivastav, Blog Report-Praveen Nagdive


Memories of AIR, Nagercoil on 30th Anniversary

AIR, Nagercoil, first Local Radio Station in India is celebrating and completing 30th Anniversary and enter into the 31st year. Inaugural function was  held on 30th October 1984  Shri Gulam Nabi Azad, Min. for Information & Broadcasting,Govt of India inaugurated the station onthis occassion Minister of Irrigation, Govt of Tamilnadu Shri. Y.S.M. Yousuff was also present. Folk festival was organised by AIR, Nagercoil in the year 1986.

Contributed by:- air nagarcoil 

N.Balasundaram Helper retires on 31st Oct. 2014

He was born on 21.10.1954 at Velangudi village, Tiruvaraur District in Tamil Nadu. He finished his High School at Tiruvarur.Soon afterer finishing high school he joined Army (EME) as vehicle mechanic in 1974. After getting training at different places like Nagpur, Secunderabad, Pune, Belgaum and Patankot he was posted at Beramullah, (Kashmir), Bhopal, and retired from service on 1991 at Ambala.
He is a sportsperson and represented Service team in national Kabbadi and weightlifting team.

He got married in the year 1980 and has one son and two daughters. With his small earnings his son finished M.Tech. (IT), elder daughter graduated alongwith teacher training and younger daughter finished BE (EEE) and made him a proud father.After retiring from service he joined our organiasation as Helper at TVRC Mayiladuthurai under DMC Puducherry on 31st Auguat 1994.

During his service he actively participated in all the activities and earned good rapport with his superiors and colleagues. He is to be retired from service with full satisfaction on 31st October 2014.

Contributed by:-sedmc pondy

Our Cultural Heritage - हमें जिन पर नाज़ है।- डाॅ. लक्ष्मण सहाय

डाॅ. लक्ष्मण सहाय

डाॅ. लक्ष्मण सहाय का आकाशवाणी ग्वालियर से 1975 से निरंतर प्रसारण, आकाशवाणी से बारह नाटक प्रसारित: पहला रेडियो नाटक ‘मकान खाली है’ । रेडियो फीचर। भोपाल से दो घण्टे की बातचीत मेहरून्निसा परवेज़ और लक्ष्मण सहाय। इसके अतिरिक्त समय-समय पर वार्ताओं/कहानियों का प्रसारण

साहित्य के क्षेत्र में योगदान - प्रकाशित पुस्तकें -
1. व्युतपत्ति शतक,
2. मरूथल का यात्री निराला,
3. विश्व हिन्दी भाषा और साहित्य कोश खण्ड तीन के प्रमुख लेखक
4. रंगकर्म और नाट्य सृजक (प्रकाशनाधीन)
5. मेहरून्निसा परवेज के उपन्यास साहित्य में मध्यमवर्ग (प्रस्तावित)
6. जिनको याद करू (संस्मरण)
7. देश के अनेक चर्चित राश्ट्रीय पत्र-पत्रिकाओं में निरंतर प्रकाषन।

डाॅ. सहाय के साहित्यिक कृतित्व पर जीवाजी विश्वविद्यालय ग्वालियर से शोधार्थियो ने शोध कार्य किया और पीएच.डी. की उपाधि प्राप्त की।
सम्मान पुरस्कार - मनीषा साहित्य सभा, भारतीय स्टेट बैंक पोरसा, एवं जीवाजी विश्वविद्यालय ग्वालियर द्वारा सम्मानित। कबीर, रैदास, सूर, तुलसी, मैथिलीशरण गुप्त, हजारी प्रसाद द्विवेदी, केदारनाथ अग्रवाल, समकालीन कथा और कविता जैसे विषय इसे प्रमाणित करते है।
कविता - वार्ताओं के अतिरिक्त कविताओं का भी समय - समय पर आकाशवाणी ग्वालियर से प्रसारण हुआ है।

रेडियो रूपक - वार्ता और कविता के साथ ही बाबुलपीर न जानी और स्वप्न हुए साकार शिर्षक से लिखे हुए पाॅच रेडियो रूपकों का भी लेखन।

साहित्य के क्षेत्र में योगदान - लगभग 15-16 वर्श की वय से आरंभ काव्य रचना का क्रम पारिवारिक और स्थानीय परिवेष में विकसित हुआ। बाद में लेखन की विधाएँ कविता समीक्षा और लोक साहित्य पर केन्द्रित हो गयी। ‘धर्मयुग’, हंस, वर्तमान साहित्य, युद्धरत, आम आदमी, अक्षरा आदि साहित्य की प्रतिनिधि पत्रिकाओं में कविताएँ और समीक्षा लेख प्रकाषित।

कृतित्व - राणा प्रताप (खण्ड काव्य) अप्रकाशित । स्कन्द गुप्त: एक अध्ययन, अप्रकाशित (समीक्षा), समीक्षा लेख - प्रकाशित प्रसारित - 100
प्रकाशाधीन - शोध - पीएच.डी. का शोध प्रबंध, कविता - संग्रह - फसल बनती उम्मीदें
प्रकाशित कृतियाँ - पुश्पगंध (कविता - संग्रह), ऐसा क्यो होता है (कविता - संग्रह)
संपादित - दतिया: उद्भव और विकास (संदर्भ ग्रंथ), ज्ञान ज्योति (पत्रिका), अस्मिता (पत्रिका),

सम्बन्द्धता - म.प्र. हिन्दी साहित्य सम्मेलन , म.प्र. साहित्य अकादमी (संस्कृति परिषद), राष्ट्रीय स्तर की संगोश्ठियों में विषेशज्ञ व्याख्यान, तृतीय विश्व हिन्दी सम्मेलन दिल्ली में प्रतिभागिता

Contributed By:- SD AIR Gwalior

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Akashvani and Doordarshan have a special significance as the grand old National Public Service Broadcasters and both of them have very rich and glorious history. Almost every renowned singer, celebrated dancer and distinguished and eminent writer have been associated with Akashvani, especially in the 1940s-70s and beyond. Many of them were associated with Doordarshan as well. Doordarshan has also contributed to the blossoming of many Film Directors, Artists, and Producers. PB Parivar calls upon each of its members to join hands in building up this data base and saluting our veterans and send such stories at

Doordarshan to commemorate martyrs on 50th year of 1965 war

To pay homage to the martyrs of the 1965 Indo-Pak war, Delhi Doordarshan has conceptualised a new programme called ‘Smarananjali’. The programme is being organised by DD in association with All India Radio, Directorate of Film Festivals and Subramaniam Foundation at Siri Fort auditorium on 30 October from 6 to 8 pm. The programme will be subsequently telecast on DD National, DD Bharati and DD India. It will be a lyrical tribute by artists on stage to the martyrs in the presence of their families and the Minister of Defence and the chiefs of Army, Navy, Air Force and paramilitary forces. Religious leaders from different religious groups will also be present to pay homage to the martyrs.

Renowned musicians like violin maestro L Subramanium and singers Kavita Krishnamurthy, Pankaj Udhas and Suresh Wadkar from Subramaniam Foundation will pay a musical tribute to the martyrs. The musical tribute will be interlaced with dance performances to patriotic songs by Manjula Parmesh and group. An additional attraction will be an on-the-spot painting by painter BS Verma and dance by soldiers from the Madras Engineering Group (MEG) to the song ‘Ma Tujhe Salaam’. Defence minister Arun Jaitley, I&B minister Prakash Javadekar, and the chiefs of the Army, Navy, Air force and paramilitary forces will pay homage to the martyrs by lighting a candle before a replica of the Amar Jawan Jyoti. Three Param Vir Chakra awardees—Capt Bana Singh (Retd), Sub Yogender Singh Yadav and N/SUB Sanjay Kumar—will also be honoured at the tribute event.

Contributed by:-Prasar Bharati

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AIR & DD Programmes on Sardar Patel

DD Bharati will telecast a programme 'Sardar Patel'': Vallabh Bhai Patel Birthday Celebration on 31 Oct 2014 at 6 pm while DD National will telecast Hindi film 'Sardar' directed by Ketan Mehta.

AIR every year commemorates the day with a discussion organised on 30th October, recorded broadcast of the same is done on 31st October. This year's topic is Marxism, Socialism and Integral Humanism.

Ms. Shweta Srivatsav in "Vaarada Atithi"

Popular, budding and up-coming Kannada film actor Ms. Shweta Srivatsav was our guest of "Vaarada Atithi" LIVE chat show on Wednesday 29th October 2014 broadcast from 9am to 10 am. She was interviewed by Announcer M Shivaram.

Station Director M A Ahmed was also with us in the studios.

Contributed by:- M G Sriharshan  CBSAIR BLR

केन्द्रीय सूचना प्रसारण मंत्री श्री प्रकाश जावडेकर ने आज भोपाल में मीडिया इकाइ अधिकारियों की बैठक ली

केन्द्रीय सूचना प्रसारण मंत्री श्री प्रकाश जावडेकर ने आज (30.10.14) भोपाल के जहांनुमा पैलेस होटल में दूरदर्शन, आकाशवाणी, पीआईबी, फील्ड पब्लिसिटी, डीएवीपी, आरएनआई, सांग एंड ड्रामा डिवीजन सहित विभिन्न मीडिया इकाइयों के वरिष्ठ अधिकारियों की बैठक ली। 

साभार—Facebook,विनोद नागर 

Technology Updates

YouTube Introduces WatchMe For Android To Bring Live Broadcasting Capabilities To Apps

YouTube is bringing its live broadcasting capabilities to the world of third-party app developers starting today with the launch of the new open source project called “YouTube WatchMe for Android.” The project, available on GitHub, offers a reference app designed for the Android operating system that creates a YouTube Live Streaming Event. The app also introduces a simple interface allowing an end user to press a button to start broadcasting from their phone to YouTube, and another button to end the event.

Obviously, the app included on GitHub is just reference material — the real goal is to offer a toolkit for developers who want to add a similar capability to their own apps. This could be for apps that already focus on sharing video, and now want to offer a “Live” component, or it could be a function within a broader news or event-focused application, perhaps.

In addition to offering the ability to start and stop a live streaming session with buttons, the app’s interface allows users to tap a thumbnail to kick off a live broadcast session, from the looks of things, as well as “+1″ the event – meaning recommend the broadcast on Google’s social network, Google+.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

आकाशवाणी भोपाल के 2 कार्यक्रमों को आकाशवाणी वार्षिक पुरस्कार में मैरिट प्रमाण पत्र ....

आकाशवाणी भोपाल द्वारा सर्वश्रेष्ठ विज्ञान कार्यक्रम (बेस्ट साईन्स प्रोग्राम ) वर्ग के अंतर्गत आकाशवाणी वार्षिक पुरस्कार-2013 हेतु मैरिट प्रमाण पत्र प्राप्त हुआ है। साधो सूरज को साधो षीर्षक से तैयार इस विज्ञान कार्यक्रम के प्रस्तुतकर्ता व लेखक श्री राकेश ढौंडियाल है। इस कार्यक्रम के प्रस्तुति दल के सदस्यों में सर्वश्री आनंद सिंह उद्दे, जगदीश अधिकारी राजेश भट तथा श्याल लाला कोरडे शामिल है कार्यक्रम में वाचक स्वर श्री पदम भंडारी का है। 
भारत के प्रथम नेट जीरो एनर्जी भवन पर केन्द्रित इस विज्ञान कार्यक्रम में वैज्ञानिक सोच के महत्व, उर्जाशक्ति आवष्यकताओं की पूर्ति में स्वयं को सक्षम बनाना तथा समग्र रूप से पर्यावरण चेतना शामिल है। इस नेट जीरो एनर्जी भवन की डिजाईन उर्जा दक्षता तथा पर्यावरण के प्रति इसकी अनूकुलता के कारण इसे राष्ट्रीय व अंतर्राष्ट्रीय पुरस्कार मिले है।
आकाशवाणी वार्षिक पुरस्कार 2013 के युववाणी वर्ग के अंतर्गत श्री राजेश भट द्वारा लिखित व प्रस्तुत कार्यक्रम “रफ्तार” को भी मैरिट प्रमाण पत्र प्राप्त हुआ है।इस कार्यक्रम के प्रस्तुति दल के सदस्यों में सर्वश्री विवेक कहार, आनंद सिंह उद्दे व राकेश ढौंडियाल शामिल है, कार्यक्रम में वाचक स्वर श्री आशीष दवे का है।
संयुक्त राष्ट्र संघ द्वारा 2011-2020 के दशक को सड़क सुरक्षा के लिए पहल के दषक” के रूप में घोषित किया गया है तथा समूचे विश्व में सड़क दुर्घटनाओं की बढ़ोत्तरी चिंताजनक होता जा रही है इससे अब तक प्रति वर्ष 13 लाख लोग मृत तथा 2 करोड़ से भी अधिक लोग गंभीर रूप से घायल हो चुके है।यह आंकडे डब्ल्यू. एच. ओ. की रिपोर्ट में दर्षाएं गए हैं जिसमें 25 से 65 वर्ष के आयु समूह के लोगों का प्रतिषत 53.1 है। तेज रफ्तार से वाहन चलाने वाले में युवाओं की संख्या सबसे अधिक है, इसी तथ्य को ध्यान में रखते हुए युवा पीढ़ी को सचेत करने हेतु यह कार्यक्रम “रफ्तार” तैयार किया गया है। 
योगदान—राजीव श्रीवास्तव आकाशवाणी भोपाल, ब्लॉग रिपोर्ट—प्रवीण नागदिवे

दूरदर्शन केन्द्र लखनउ में सतर्कता जागरूकता पर शपथ...

सतर्कता जागरुकता सप्ताह पर दूरदर्शन प्रांगण में केंद्र के अधिकारियों एवं कर्मचारियों को सतर्कता शपथ दिलाते हुए श्री डी.एन.मोघे, उप महानिदेशक/केंद्राध्यक्ष. Source-दूरदर्शन उत्तर प्रदेश

AIR, Nagercoil 30th Anniversary today

AIR, Nagercoil, the first Local Radio Station of India is celebrating and completing 30th Anniversary and enter into the 31st year. Here are old photo related to inaugural function held on 30th OCtober 1984 by Shri Gulam Nabi Azad, Min. of & Inf & Broadcasting,Govt of India with the Minister of Irrigation, Govt of Tamilnadu Shri. Y.S.M. Yousuff . some other photos related to Folk festival organised by AIR, Nagercoil on 1986 are also placed as remembrance.

Contributed by : Asst. Director ( P), AIR, NAGERCOIL
04652-260243, Email

The Foundation Day is indeed an occasion to celebrate the efforts of all the past and present employees which have brought the station to this stature. Prasar Bharati Parivar extends heartiest greetings and choicest best wishes to all staff members of AIR Nagarcoil on this occasion. You can also do so by putting your comments below this post.

Here is a brief about the station  from  Sh.N. Tamilvanan, Assistant Director/ HOO AIR Nagarcoil

AIR, Nagarcoil (which is very near to historical fame Cape Comorin – Kanyakumari) is one of the oldest stations commissioned in India under the concept of Local Radio Station Broadcast way back in 1984.

The station was inaugurated by the then Union Minister of state for Information and Broadcasting Sh. Gulam Nabi Azad under the presidentship of the then TN state Irrigation Minister Sh. Y.S.M. Yusuf. The grand inaugural function with dignitaries was followed by choral music presentation by Sh. M.B. Srinivasan & Party and function was covered live & relayed by other stations in Tamilnadu & Pudhuchery.

Initially the station started broadcasting programme in the evening from 6 pm to 9 pm with 1 KW transmitter on MW (187.3 – 1602 KHz) and later on shifted to FM mode with effect from 01.03.1997 with 2 x 5 KW transmitter broadcast on 101 MHz and named Kumari FM.

The office and studio complex started functioning from 1984 in a asbestos roofed building gifted by TANSI, a Govt. of Tamil Nadu Undertaking and the transmitter is consisted with studios at Konam, Nagercoil. The transmission pattern of AIR, Nagercoil is - : Tr. I 5.55 AM to 9.30 AM, Tr. II 12 Noon to 4 PM & Tr. III 5.30 PM to 11 PM. And with effect from 01.11.2014 this station falling in line with uniform pattern of broadcast of LRS, will have conitunous transmission from 5.55 AM to 5 PM and the evening transmission from 5.30 Pm to 11 PM as is being broadcast now.

This station caters to the needs and aspirations of this part of the region namely Kanyakumari District in full, bordering Tirunelveli, Tuitcorin & Trivananthapuram Districts partially. AIR, Nagarcoil’s Kumari FM 101 MHz reach out people with its weekly origination of totaling more then 85 hours of broadcast excluding coordinated programmes and News relay. The station has the credit of broadcasting farmers programme with exclusive sponsorship of union Ministry of Agriculture daily at 7.30 AM and also originating local news dailyu at 7 AM creating a separate chunk for wider coverage of events.

In addition programmes for Women, Youth, Childern, Senior citizen, Programmes on Health, Education, Co-operations Science, Sports, Physical education, Live phone in programmes featuring experts/officials. Programmes on various forms of folk arts, Debate/talks shows are broadcast. Wider coverage to the important events held as various places across the zone are extended. Many special audience invited audience programmes arranged at different places of the Dt Covering the major festivals anniversaries like Diwali, Pongal, New year, Folk arts, Youth Day, Children’s Day, Sivalaya ottam, historical Susidram Temple car festival, Mandaikadu Bhagavathi amman kodai, Koliancodu Thookka Thiruvizha etc. AIR, Nagarcoil provide a platform to the public to address their problems/issues concerning Drinking water, infrastructure facilities, civil supplies, maintenance of ponds, rivers, encroachments, transport facilities, public health Agricultural & Plantation labours and so on.

AIR, Nagarcoil was awarded with Gold Medal by Govt. of Tamil Nadu for its production on National Integration and communal harmony.

More recently (15.10.2014) arranged a Diwali special Humour programme at S.T. Hindu college, Nagercoil wherein leading speakers were associated and the same was well received. In all the commitment to the listeners are carried out in full swing untirelessly. Senior/ veteran broadcasters who had long broadcast association with this station are being invited for broadcast now.

I seize this opportunity to assure our sustained effort to serve the people of this region through well defined objectives.

N. Tamilvanan

REMEMBRANCES- Mrs. Suvarna Barthakur

Year 1990 is memorable: I joined All India Radio, Guwahati, on an Inter- Ministerial transfer from Central Water & Power Research Station, Khadakvasala, Pune, where I worked as the Senior Librarian of its Research Library. But I had started my career as librarian at the young age of 17 when I joined the Kesari Maratha Granthalaya, where I did micro-filming of the old Kesari newspapers. After completing my Bachelor of Library Science, I first joined the Library of the SNDT College, Pune, and thereafter the august library of the Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics, where I did bibliography work of a large number of books and research publications. Later at CW&PRS besides doing indexing and abstracting works I also did much work on a thesaurus on Water & Power Science. While working there, I visited the Library of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, and studied the system of its vast library. Thereafter, I presented a paper on Indexing & Abstracting at the CW&PRS, which was well received, and my recommendations were adopted to improve the system of its Research Library.

AIR, Guwahati was a bonanza of all round fellow feeling, team work and bonhomie. The Station boasted of a number of popular musicians, singers, writers and dramatists who obtained national laurels. People were friendly and helpful. I remember Mr. P. K. Singson, who was then its Station Director, and subsequently rose to become the Dy. Director General. Compassionate and understanding, he was very sensitive to staff welfare. AIR, Guwahati gave me the opportunity to attend a much valuable training programme at ABU, Kuala Lumpur, which widened my exposure in Library Science; and also a training programme on computer applications at the Directorate, New Delhi.

In 1994 I moved to New Delhi and joined as the Librarian, Central Technical Library, at the Directorate, and worked there up to 1997, when I sought transfer to Pune and joined the AIR, Pune, where I worked in Audio & record Library. As a trained hand in Library Science, a librarian’s job is to maintain the book library, programme records of the station and provide information to the programme staff. In retrospect, so much I have learned, and so much unlearned at the AIR. Today I lay my service after about 33 years of active work as a librarian with a feeling of fulfilment and enter the age of ease. But I must also share with you my heart’s pangs: Joining as a Sr. Librarian at the CW&PRS, I joined as a Jr. Librarian at All India Radio, Guwahati, whereafter, by a fell swoop our position had been suddenly degraded as Library & Information Assistants. The question will ever trouble my mind as to how qualified postgraduates in Library Science, working as librarians for years, could be suddenly degraded as Library & Information Assistants. More so, when a librarian in the past had risen to become its Director General! If we are all Library & Information Assistants then where are the Librarians? The small group of librarians at All India Radio does not have the bargaining strength to get a fruitful answer to it. I hope a fruitful answer would be found in the future. With this, I part company from All India Radio in a poetical note:

Let the thick curtain fall;

I better know than all;
How little I have gained,
How vast the unattained.

O living friends who love me;
O dear ones gone above me;
Careless of other fame,
I leave to you my name.
Hide it from idle praises,
Save it from evil phrases.

--- Mrs. Suvarna Arun Barthakur All India Radio, Pune

Contributed by:- Smt Shubha Dharmadhikari, AIR Pune


Shri Tapan Prasad Rath

Cameraman Gr.-II, DDK, Bhubaneswar will retire from Government Service on superannuation w.e.f. 31.10.2014.
Date of Birth : 16.10.1954
Date of Joining Doordarshan : 04.02.1982
(DDK, Muzaffarpur)
Kendra Served : DDKs : Muzzafarpur,
UDK, New Delhi (Mandi House),
DDK, Cuttack, DDK,Imphal &
Mobile No. : 094 370 11159
Joined as a Sound Recordist at DDK, Muzaffarpur, Shri Rath has served at UDK, New Delhi, DDK, Cuttack, Imphal and Bhubaneswar . While serving at DDK, Cuttack, he joined as Cameraman Gr.-II on 20.07.1987. Has received DD Award for Sound in 1983 for programme “Manas Gayan O’ Chitrankan” while serving at UDK, New Delhi and DD Monthly Award for Camera in 2003 for Manipuri programme “Thoibi”. Shri Rath has served Doordarshan for more than 32 years. Known as an articulate, sincere and hardworking employee of the organisation.

Shri Gangadhar Acharya

Graphic Artist, DDK, Bhubaneswar will retire from Government Service on superannuation w.e.f. 31.10.2014.
Date of Birth : 22.10.1954
Date of Joining Doordarshan : 17.10.1985
(DDK, Cuttack) Kendra Served : DDKs : Cuttack & Bhubaneswar,
Mobile No. : 094 376 30177
Joined as a Graphic Artist at DDK, Cuttack, Shri Acharya transferred to DDK, Bhubaneswar in November’1992 when DDK, Cuttack shifted to Bhubaneswar. Since then, Shri Acharya has served DDK, Bhubaneswar and gave his best to the Kendra. Known as a punctual, sincere and hardworking employee of the organisation.

Contributed By :- Shri Pranabandhu Behera,

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Our Cultural Heritage - हमें जिन पर नाज़ है।- Mangalu Charan Biswal

Mangalu Charan Biswal
Shri Mangalu Charan Biswal, recipient of Rastrapati Puraskar (President’s Award for Teachers) as a teacher and Sahitya Academy Award as a littérateur was born on 4.5.1935 in the village Pitapali, Sambalpur which later on inundated in the vast reservoir of Hirakud Dam. Consequently, his family migrated to Baradumuri of Paramanpur Block and settled there. Apart from a dedicated teacher fostering and nurturing students for their holistic developments, Sri Biswal wrote many Odia and Sambalpuri Poems, Prose, Novels & Plays among which “Bhukha” is famous, as it was filmed as the first ever Sambalpuri cinema and earned accolades.  
His maiden Odia poetry ‘Dhumala” was placed in a magazine “Yugabharati” published from Calcutta in the year 1950 which gave birth to a new poet who later on enriched the Odia and Sambalpuri literature with his numerous creative writings. His creations were not only confined to the field of poetry but also to other fields of literature like story, drama & prose pieces. Most of his creations carry the ethos and pathos of bucolic human beings. The voice of common man embellishes the mainstream of his writings. His literary compilations consist of 10 Poetry books, 04 Story Books, 03 Novels, 10 Plays, 05 Prose Books, 03 Autobiographies and 10 numbers of stories and a large numbers of poems for children. He has also awarded, inter alia, the prestigious Odisha Sahitya Academy Puraskar in the year 1999 for his relentless diligence and contribution to the world of Odia/Sambalpuri literature.

He got associated with All India Radio since 1969 when he got approval as a lyricist in Sambalpuri Folk Geet from AIR, Cuttack. Many of his Plays like, ‘Upanayika’, ‘Bhukha’(First Sambalpuri Film), ‘Udla Patar Budla Danga’, ‘Lura’, ‘Bhutiar Hatiar’, ‘Dadara Darpan’, ‘Ulgulan’, ‘Pahadara Swaralipi’, ‘Surendra Sai’, ‘Ma Samalei’, ‘Madhabi’, ‘Chhaili’ & ‘Barua’ have been recorded and broadcast not only from AIR, Sambalpur but also by other stations of Odisha .

Contributed by:- AIR SAMBALPUR ,

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Akashvani and Doordarshan have a special significance as the grand old National Public Service Broadcasters and both of them have very rich and glorious history. Almost every renowned singer, celebrated dancer and distinguished and eminent writer have been associated with Akashvani, especially in the 1940s-70s and beyond. Many of them were associated with Doordarshan as well. Doordarshan has also contributed to the blossoming of many Film Directors, Artists, and Producers. PB Parivar calls upon each of its members to join hands in building up this data base and saluting our veterans and send such stories at


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