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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Inauguration for 35th National Games

We are close to the inauguration for 35th National Games. All set for drum roll and march-past to begin for the announcement this evening. Everybody seems to be on his toes. Even-though Kerala is facing multiple challenges from within and from outside to ensure last minute final touch for successfully hosting the mega national sporting event. Surveillance cameras are installed at all areas to keep a close watch on the mob.There is police at every point and even today Kerala police has asked for seven more companies of Kerala armed police to manage the show. Many are not happy with the preparedness, some have even questioned whether the most talked about Greenfield stadium is ready for the ceremony. Another casualty is non participation of boxers for the reason that their federation is not recognised by IOA and boxing federation deciding to withdraw from National Games. Doordarshan has put its best to meet the challenges as host broadcaster of Games. Doordarshan with its expertise and resources at disposal is covering major sports events with multi camera set up. Doordarshan can boast its an edge over commercial channels, be it coverage of Republic Day, Independence Day or mega sports coverages like Olympics, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games etc and any other event of national significance. The grand old face of television in India, still enjoys recollecting its hey days.This immense experience pays dividends and Doordarshan is the host broadcaster of 35th National Games. Its a great moment for the organisers as well as for the host broadcaster Doordarshan TV. The organisers have unusually spread the game practically over entire state of Kerala, thus making the challenge for Doordarshan even more difficult. In the sports history of India, this is happening first time when sports venues are spread in seven districts and not confined to a city and its suburbs. The biggest national sporting extravaganza aims to develop a reliable sports culture in the country and Kerala has chequerred history in many sports particularly athletics, who can forget P. T. Usha. Doordarshan Kendra Trivendram ,has risen up to the occasion, the head of Kendra Mr. Raju Vergese, Deputy Director General Engineering has left no stone unturned to ensure everything moves as planned. I personally has never witnessed such immaculate planning in my 26 years with Doordarshan,the teams DDK, TVM, Sh.Sajan, HoP, Sh. Venugopal and their entire contingent is proactively involved in the mega event. Doordarshan Kendra Trivendram is the third biggest Kendra in respect of revenue earnings. Ms. Geetha, PEx has done a marvellous job by roping in more sponsors and earn more revenue for the organisation. Dr. Rafeeq Masoodi - Dy.Director General(sports) has been camping at Trivendram to oversee all operations and to make the event a grand success, in respect of immaculate coverage of the event. A huge contingent of Doordarshan personnel in hundreds from all across India has arrived for the event. They are being deployed at various venues. Another very rare and specific arrangement made by Doordarshan is to do Grandstanding from the city of event i.e. Trivendram in this case.The entire transmission of DD Sports has been shifted from Delhi to Trivendram. Impressive set is erected for the Grandstanding. With all such arrangements, we all are keeping our fingers crossed to wait for the first challenge,to cover the opening ceremony immaculately and next two weeks of sports broadcasting will surely appeal to Doordarshan viewers in India and abroad through DD. -  Shrikant Saxena, PEx,Co.,DD Sports

Contributed by : Rafeeq Masoodi <

राष्ट्रपिता को उनकी पुण्यतिथि पर आकाशवाणी फ़ैज़ाबाद द्वारा श्रद्धांजलि

राष्ट्रपिता को शहीद दिवस पर मौन रख कर श्रद्धांजलि अर्पित की गई , केंद्राध्यक्ष श्री पी के सेन ने उनके व्यक्तित्व पर प्रकाश डाला।
Contributed By :- Shri. Anil ,

सी बी एस कानपुर केन्द्र द्वारा शहीद दिवस पर शहीदों को श्रध्दांजलि अर्पित की गयी

प्रतिवर्ष की भाँति इस वर्ष भी 30 जनवरी को दिन ग्यारह बजे देश के शहीदों और राष्ट्रपिता महात्मा गांधी की याद में स्थानीय कलेक्ट्रेट पर जैसे ही सायरन की आवाज गूंजी कानपुर नगर के जनमानस के साथ आकाशवाणी कानपुर केन्द्र के सभी अधिकारियों और कर्मचारियों ने दो मिनट बापू और उन शहीदों के लिए मौन रख कर देश पर शहीद होने वाले योध्दाओं को अपनी मौन श्रध्दांजलि अर्पित की ,साथ ही उन कुष्ठ रोगियों के लिए मौन रह कर उनका स्वस्थ मन से चिंतन किया कि सभी उनसे प्रेम करना सीखें , यही भारतीयता है,मानवता है, जिसे हम सहेज कर रखे हुए है अपने हृदय में ,अमर शहीदों की स्मृति के साथ बापू को एक बार फिर नमन, मौन श्रध्दांजलि |

Contributed By :- CBS Kanpur ;

AIR Mathura celebrated its 49th anniversary

AIR Mathura celebrated its 49th anniversary yesterday. To mark the occasion a musical concert was organised in the premises. The station was inaugurated on 29th January1967 by then MIB (Late) Shri Raj Bahadur. At that time an interim set-up was provided in a private building known as “CHANDPUR HOUSE” with 1 kW AM Transmitter, operating on 1530 kHz, covering Mathura, Agra, Aligarh, Hathras, Firozabad and Bharatpur districts of UP & Rajasthan.

Later on the building and the adjoining area was acquired and Type I (R) studios was provided in a new building. In 1988 carrier frequency was changed to 1584 KHz and 1530 kHz was allocated to AIR Agra. The studios are equipped with hard disc based system and multi track recording system. The entire set up is on UPS and hence service breakdown is nil. The station has been awarded as the “BEST MAINTAINED STATION” in N/Z in 2008. In 12th MR Plan, the existing 1 kW MW transmitter is going to be replaced by a 10 kW FM Transmitter.

Almost entire transmission is in Hindi and local BRAJ BHASHA. Many of the programs are quite popular among local public, transmission hours as under:-
Morning & Day Transmission (continued): 05.55 hrs to 1500 hrs
                                Evening Transmission: 17.30 hrs to 23.10 hrs
Engineering Wing is being managed by Rakesh Sharma, DDE (09758699499) and the program wing by Sh. Yatindra Chaturvedi, PEX (09410618188).

Contributed By :- Shri. Rakesh Sharma, DDE ;

Friday, January 30, 2015

Wish Happy retirement life to our seniors

Following are some of our friends who will be superannuating from AIR & DD on 31.01.2015 after giving in their valuable contributions to the organization. 

1. Dr. Ramesh Chandra Shukla, PEX    AIR, Lucknow    09452255870
2. Shri. Hori Lal, Helper                       AIR, Varanasi         -
3. Shri. V.K. Karn. Farash                   AIR, Sambalpur       -
4. Shri. B.K. Sinha, Sr. AO                  AIR, Mumbai             
5. Shri. Ashok Gosar, Safaiwala            AIR, Indore           -
6. Shri. Madhusudan Guru, LDC           AIR, Indore           -
7. Smt. Swaran Kaur, PEX                   AIR, Jalandhar      -
8. Smt. S. Kalyani, UDC                      AIR, Madurai        09944407036
9. Shri. Abdul Gaffur, Daftary              DDK, Bhubaneswar 9938219407
10. Shri. Madan Mohan Tamboli, Sr. Tech.AIR, Udaipur          -
11. Shri. L.S. Bajpei, DDG                    AIR, Delhi            09811174466
These officers have given 30-35 years of their prime life to the organization and their contributions have helped AIR and Doordarshan stand as proud public broadcasters of the country. We thank these officers for their services to the organization and wish them a happy retired life.

Information about other retiring officers (of all grades and disciplines) may be added on the blog. Please mail details of retiring friends from your station to

Retiring friends may also like to address their friends through this blog for which they can send their photo & write-ups to for possible upload on the  blog.

Compiled by: Shri.Suryakant S.Kadam, AIR Pune,

BR Rao former SD AIR completes 100 years on 31.01.15 !

Prasar Bharati Parivar team had a talk with Hemachandra ,son of Shri Rajani on 9247387192 today and conveyed warm wishes from whole Prasar Bharati Parivar to our Ex-Station Director on completing century.You can wish him by putting ur comment below the post.

Rajani all set for a grand century

Eminent composer and scholar Balantrapu Rajanikanta Rao, popularly known as Rajani, is a surprised man these days with visitors pouring in from various walks of life and greeting him at his residence in Seetharamapuram here. With the help of his family members, he recognises them and enquires about their well-being.

A steady stream of relatives is reaching a new high as he is all set to celebrate his 100th birthday (as per Telugu almanac, including adhikamasams) on January 31. The “birthday boy” is still active playing carom with his great grandchildren. He also listens to music and reads newspapers everyday without the help of spectacles. He also stretches a bit to keep himself fit.

Except minor ailments which elderly persons usually face, Mr. Rao is actively spending time with the family members. “We are organising a function on January 31 at Hotel Minerva Grand to celebrate the occasion,” said Mr. Rao’s elder son B. Hemachandra, a businessman.Mr. Rao began his career as a programme executive in AIR-Madras in the year 1941. He was responsible for writing and composing the first Telugu song ever broadcast in independent India on the midnight of 15 August 1947, following the speech of then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru; “Our tryst with destiny”. The song “ Maadi Swatantra Desam”was sung by T. Suryakumari. As the programme executive in AIR-Vijayawada he was the originator of ‘Bhakti Ranjani’ a devotional programme.

He became the Station Director of AIR-Ahmadabad, AIR-Vijayawada and retired as the Station Director of AIR-Bangalore (1976–78), completing 36 years in the broadcasting field. Since the age of twenty one he has written lyrics, composed songs and directed ballets. Under pseudonyms Nalini and Taranath he has composed many tunes for popular movies like Swargaseema and Gruhapravesam.

Kuchipudi ballets and Yakshaganas such as ‘Sri Krishna Saranam Mama’, ‘Menaka Viswamitra’, ‘Vipranarayana’, ‘Chandidas’ and ‘Subhadraajuniyam’ have won him accolades. His literary works include ‘Satapatra Sundari’, a collection of lyrics, ‘Andhra Vaggeyakara Charitam’ and ‘Jejimamayya Patalu’- a collection of songs for children. He takes the rare distinction of being the only person in the country to have won both Central Sahitya Academi Award and Central Sangeeta Nataka Academi Award, being a Vaggeyakara (writer-composer).Asked why the government failed to present him the prestigious Padma awards, Mr. Hemachandra, “We never expected awards. No one takes them seriously,” he added.

Forwarded By: Krishnakumari Munjuluri ,

Wishing Shri B.R.Rao a Very Happy Birthday on behalf of the entire Prasar Bharati Parivar on hitting a century! The Parasar Bharati family wishes you many,many more productive years and seeks your blessings Sir - A.Surya Prakash, Chairman, PB 

Prasar Bharati CEO Sh. Jawhar Sircar vide his email to pbparivar has conveyed his choicest best wishes to Shri BR Rao.

Thank you for your greetings. I have cherished my association with A.I.R. Warm greetings to Prasara Bharathi colleagues. - B. Rajanikanta rao.

Brig.(R) VAM Hussain spoke to Sh B Hemachandra Rao, elder  son of Sh "Rajani Rao"  and felicitated his family for his father's great service to Prasar Bharati in particular and the world of Music as a whole. He offered Best wishes to the senior most member of Prasar Bharati on his birthday from all of us from Prasar Bharati Parivar. He requested the Programme Head , Vijayawada to hand over a bouquet each on behalf of our Chairman,Dr Surya Prakash and  our CEO,Sh Jawhar Sircar on 31.01.2015 at Minerva Hotel , Vijayawada at 6.30 pm today during his Birthday function.

Laxmi Shankar Bajpai DDG(P) AIR Delhi retiring on 31.01.2015

Shri Laxmi Shankar Bajpai Dy. Director General (P), AIR Delhi is retiring on 31st Jan 2015. A Postgraduate in Physics, Shri Bajpai started his career as PEX from AIR Gwalior and served various stations like Bikaner, Almoda, kathua, national Channel etc. He has given new dimensions to Hindi commentary and has brought to the public Aankho Dekha Haal  on many occaasions on 26 January, 15 August and many other events of National and International Importance. Shri Laxmi Shankar Bajpai is a renowned Poet, Gazalkaar and Communicator. He is happily married to Mamataji and has one son and one daughter - both doing excellent in their fields.

PB parivar Blog wishes him eventful, active and contended life after taking leave from department. He can be contacted at 09811174466.

A K Goyal DDE AIR Delhi retires on 31st Jan 2015

Mr A K Goyal DDE, AIR Delhi is retiring on 31st Jan 2015. Mr Goyal started his career on 24/11/1976 from HPT AIR, Kingsway, Delhi.

He has wide band of experience. Mr. Goyal Worked in transmitters, Studios, STI (as guest faculty), Zonal office and Directorate. He attended training program at Germany, UK and Australia. He was one of the members who designed New Broadcasting house. He was associated with installation of Dalit automation software and recently actively taking part in installation of Netia software. His range of working is tremendous; he worked with systems having full valve based technology to technology having microprocessor based equipments. He served in North Zone, West Zone East Zone and NEZ.

AIR Delhi and PB parivar Blog wishes him equally great inning after taking leave from department. 

Contributed by : अजेय श्रीवास्तव, उपमहानिदेशक , आकाशवाणी, दिल्ली

Retirement of BK Sinha Sr. AO on 31/01/2015 from BH AIR MUMBAI

Shri. Binoy Kumar Sinha, son of Late Shri. Nitya Nanad Sahay joined AIR Ranchi on 31/05/1974 as CG II. In 1983 he joined AIR Dhrbanga as CG I. He also served TVMC Jamshedpur in the same capacity. In 1992 he was promoted as Account and joined AIR Patna. In Dec. 2009 he got promotion as Administrative Officer. Mean while he served AIR Darbanga and DMC Jamshedpur as Account. In Nov. 2011 he was transferred to AIR Ranchi as AO. In 2013 he was promoted as Sr. Administrative Officer and joined at BH, AIR, Mumbai.

After 40 years of service he is retiring on superannuation on 31/01/2015 from BH, AIR, Mumbai. All BH, AIR, Mumbai staff and PB Parivar wish him healthy and peaceful retired life.

Information about other retiring officers (of all grades and disciplines) may be added on the blog. Please mail details of retiring friends from your station to

Retiring friends may also like to address their friends through this blog for which they can send their photo & write-ups to for possible upload on the blog.
  Contributed By :- Shri. Bhausaheb Pagare Sr. AO. AIR Pune.     <>

AIR Bhopal से मुशायरे का प्रसारण 31 जनवरी को

आकाशवाणी भोपाल द्वारा आगामी 31 जनवरी 2015 (शनिवार) को एक मुशायरे का प्रसारण दोपहर 12.00 से दोपहर 1.00 बजे तक किया जाएगा। इस मुशायरे में जनाब आरिफ़ अली आरिफ़, फरमान जि़याई, जलाल मयकश, अयाज़ क़मर, आबिद हुसैन क़ादरी, रोषन अब्दुल अज़ीज़, फारूक़ अन्जुम और जि़या फ़ारूक़ी शिरकत करेंगे।
इस प्रसारण को श्रोतागण MW 188.32 मीटर अर्थात् 1593 Khz. तथा SW 41 मीटर बैंड अर्थात 7430 Khz. पर सुन सकते हैं।
Contribution-Rajeev Shrivastav,  Blog Report-Praveen Nagdive

आकाशवाणी मथुरा के स्थापना दिवस पर विशेष आयोजन...

Source-Kalptaru & Jagran News Paper, 
Blog Report-Praveen Nagdive, ARU AIR Indore

68th Foundation Day Celebration of Akashbani, Cuttack

68th Foundation Day of All India Radio, Cuttack was celebrated on 28th January, 2015 in the sprawling campus of the Main office building & Studio Complex.

Dr S.C.Jamir, Hon’ble Governor, Odisha graced the Meeting at 06.30 PM and the meeting lasted for about one hour and the cultural programmes followed till 09.00 PM.

Celebration was a grand success due to the able contribution of each staff of AIR, Cuttack, CBS, AIR, Cuttack, Regional News Unit, Audience Research Unit. Total celebration was broadcast LIVE on FM(Rainbow) Channel.

Contributed by :- A.C.Subudhi Director(E) & HOO  AIR Cuttack

Shri Madan Mohan Tabbolli, Sr Tech, AIR Udaipur retired on 31.12.2014.

Kindly find herewith photographs of Sh Madan Mohan Tabboli Sr.Technician AIR Udaipur (Raj.) who was retired on 31st Dec 2014. A farewell was arranged in the office on his retirement day. On this occasion Sh,Rajendra Nahar (DE & HOD) and other officers & staff members wished him A Happy & Contended Retired Life.

Information about other retiring officers (of all grades and disciplines) may be added on the blog. Please mail details of retiring friends from your station to

 Retiring friends may also like to address their friends through this blog for which they can send their photo & write-ups to for possible upload on the blog.
Contributed by:- Neeraj Sharma, Sr.Engg,Asstt.  Radio Abu

Cleanliness Drive at AIR Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh

Mass Cleanliness Drive at office premises of All India Radio, Pasighat by all the staff members on the eve of 66th Republic day 2015. A decision was taken on the day that Cleanliness Drive will be a regular feature every month on second Saturday as it will not only keep the office premises clean but also keep the staff members physically active and united as family.

Contributed by:- J.B.Nabam PEx(Co) AIR PASIGHAT

Use of educational broadcasting channels should be via Prasar Bharati: TRAI

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has reiterated its earlier recommendations regarding further strengthening the maintenance of an arm's length relationship between Prasar Bharati and the government and ensuring functional independence and autonomy of Prasar Bharati.

TRAI said that the non-commercial use of direct-to-home by the central and state governments for educational purposes should be done through the Prasar Bharati route through suitable agreements between Prasar Bharati and the concerned central/ state governments.

Responding to a letter from the Information and Broadcasting Ministry in this regard on 31 October last year, TRAI said Prasar Bharati should ensure that content dissemination through such non-commercial educational channels comply with the code and conduct of broadcasting established in India such as Programme code, AIR code etc. and the content disseminated through such channels should be such that it can form part of any regular Prasar Bharati channel.

As the transponder capacity is a scarce resource, the allocation of transponder capacity to central/state governments for running DTH educational channels on a non-commercial basis should be done in a very careful and judicious manner, said TRAI.

It should not lead to a situation where transponder capacity is kept idling on one hand when on the other hand service providers are kept waiting for the same, thereby adversely impacting the expansion and improvement of quality of their services.

The authority had given its recommendations to the government on the issues relating to entry of certain entities into broadcasting and distribution activities on 12 November 2008 and subsequently on 28 December 2012 in response to the references received from the Ministry. The original recommendations and the clarifications provided later clearly opposed the entry of central and state governments in the broadcasting and distribution activities. These recommendations of the authority were arrived at taking into consideration the relevant constitutional provisions, constituent assembly debates, judicial pronouncement of the Supreme Court, report of the Sarkaria Commission on Centre State Relations, international practices and the views of stakeholders.

The Ministry’s reference was about the use of a specific technology for a specific application by the central / state governments and ‘in essence boils down to enabling broadcasting/ distribution by the central and state governments.

Source :- Facebook Account of Joseph Martin

Prasar Bharati eyes wider reach for DD India via international satellites

After revamping its other channels and its website, Doordarshan is now working towards not just revamping its international channel DD India, but to increase its reach.

Prasar Bharati sources said that efforts were being made to distribute DD India Channel globally. Doordarshan has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Asian Television Network, Canada, for distribution of five DD channels in Canada. Additionally, Doordarshan has granted permission to Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation for distribution of six DD channels in Mauritius.

The pubcaster has also signed an MOU with Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany for distribution of DD India channel through EUTELSAT’s Hotbird 13B satellite on barter basis, which will ensure Doordarshan will become available for the first time in the direct-to-home in a Free-to-Air basic package mode in the whole of Europe and in Arab countries with DD Freedish coming on air on EUTELSAT's Hotbird 13 B satellite.

DW will provide Prasar Bharati with a satellite capacity of 2 Mbit/s on Hotbird for the transmission of DD India signal. DD India will be available in a basic package and will be without any subscription. It will also provide the signal to DW or any other recipient determined by DW in a form suitable for receipt and transmission. DD will be responsible for the cost of delivery of the signal to DW in Germany and all cost associated with such delivery shall be paid by Prasar Bharati to the DW Licensee in India, Cabsat Channels Pvt. Ltd.

Cabsat is willing to arrange to collect the signal of DD India from the Indian satellite and arrange for the provision of the Signal to DW in Germany, and invoice Prasar Bharati accordingly.

This will help the public broadcaster project India’s viewpoint to the global audience in a cost effective manner. DD will be offered in the basic package of the DTH service, which does not require any individual to either subscribe to it or to pay for viewing the channel.

Prasar Bharati sources said the offer by DW has extremely favourable terms and DD India does not even require a license immediately. The license can be obtained within a period of one year if the experiment is successful.

DD currently has a budget of Rs 2 - 3 crore per year for production of programmes, which has to go up and so other Ministries pool in their resources/content for quality programmes for the viewership abroad. Programming will be mainly accessed from archival material and current programmes, apart from some live and deferred live programmes. The programming, which was mostly in English and Hindi, may have subtitling where necessary.

As of now, Indian satellites carrying DD signals reach around 34 countries.

While the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is coming on board DD Freedish, France was proposing to beam to India via an Indian satellite.

DW beamed to the world in four beams: English, German, Arabic and Spanish. Asia was reached through the Asiasat I satellite.

The five broad regions to be covered are Central Asia, Middle East or West Asia, East Europe, West Europe and North Africa. The programmes would primarily target different cultures, keeping in mind the different languages of the regions like Turki, Persian, Arabic and French, with English being reasonably the lingua franca. The programmes for the target audiences would be decided in consultation with the concerned Ministries who have experience and expertise in the various fields, and assessing the cultural and political sensitivities of the areas.

Programmes of private programmes will continue to be broadcast with their own view point of India. It all depends on their interest about presenting the picture of India. They are promoting the issues of India from the view point and interest of audiences. Programmes palatable to one region may offend sensibilities elsewhere, which would have to be of prime concern while producing them.

Since 1995, Doordarshan has been trying to build bridges of communication with Indians living abroad and also trying to showcase its diverse culture, values and rich heritage to the world by launching its first international channel.

Upon the expansion of this International Channel into 24x7 transmission, Doordarshan signed an agreement with Pan Am SAT (later Intelsat Inc.) for achieving global footprint of its international channel in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America by placing it on ‘C’ & ‘KU’ band of IS-10 , IS-906 and G-13 satellites.

In 2011, the services provided by Intelsat were dispensed with and the contract was terminated.

From March 2011, Doordarshan started availing of the service of ISRO's INSAT-4B in both KU band & C band. However, the inadequacy of not being able to locate any significant global partners to distribute and connect DD to homes overseas continued.

In the past also DD did make efforts to distribute its international channel in various parts of the world but made little progress in the last mile distribution due to policies, which did not permit large scale spending on carriage fees.

Doordarshan made renewed efforts through Indian Missions to distribute its international channel abroad, but it could make little progress in this last mile distribution due to several reasons. However, significant local partners could not be located to distribute and connect DD to homes overseas continued.

Hotbird-13B is the most chosen satellite by European countries because of its polarity. It has a reach of 120 million homes in the whole of Europe, Northern Africa and the whole of Middle East. It is an extremely popular DTH platform in Europe and this platform was the logical choice for DD India to launch its overseas services afresh.

Source :- Facebook account of Joseph Martin

Credit & Source:-

Thursday, January 29, 2015

अशोक गोसर एवं मधुसूदन गुरू होंगे सेवानिवृत्त..

31 जनवरी 2015 को आकाशवाणी इन्दौर से कर्मचारी सेवानिवृत्त हो जायेंगे । दोनों कर्मचारियों श्री मधुसूदन गुरू एवं श्री अशोक गोसर ने अपनी सेवा की शुरूआत चतुर्थ श्रेणी कर्मचारी के रूप में की थी इसमें श्री गुरू निम्न​ श्रेणी लिपिक के रूप में पदस्थ ​रहे हैं श्री गुरू अपने संपूर्ण कार्यकाल में मिलनसा व व्यावहारिक रहे हैं । 

श्री अशोक सफाईकर्मी के रूप् में सन् 1980 में आकाशवाणी इन्दौर से नियुक्त हुए थे और तब से वे इसी पद पर एक सजग सफाईकर्मी के रूप में अपनी सेवायें देते आ रहे हैं 34 वर्ष तक उन्होने अपनी सेवायें आकाशवाणी इन्दौर को दी है ।

Blog Report-Praveen Nagdive,

HMK Murthy an ace Cameraman and former DD Doyen expires

HMK Murthy Era End

A multi talented personality Hosakote Muniswamy Krishna Murthy affectionately known in cinema and television scenario as HMK Murthy breathed his last on Tuesday ( 27.01.2015) in Bengaluru.

HMK Murthy an ace cameraman worked in big Hindi films like Mughal E Azaam as chief assistant cameraman and in film of Dilip Kumar ‘Naya Daur’ he continued his stint. He worked under Fali Mistry, Dronacharya and other top cinematographers. This has become possible in three years for HMK Murthy because of his strong knowledge. He was a graduate and diploma holder in cinematography from SJP in Bengaluru. This is where VK Murthy, Dada Saheb Phalke award winner studied. Born in 1936, March 16 at Hoskote taluk HMK was cameramanf or Kannada films like Subba Shastry, Papa Punya and Poornima. He produced Dombara Krishna, Rajeshwari, Raja Maharaja Kannada films. He was the first to blow up from 16mm to 35 mm of his film ‘Dombara Krishna’ and found it successful.

He was ustaad in TV when Doordarshan commenced its branches in South India. He worked as South head in transmitting news. He directed number of documentaries and his documentary was directed by Krishna Masadi. ‘Sihi Kahi’ was the most popular in Bengaluru Doordarshana. It is this attachment the couple in the Kannada cinema and TV Chandru and Geetha attached to their names. HMK Murthy moved to his home town for agriculture and donated a huge place for the education of under privileged children of the society. The school is today giving education to 1200 students.

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Source :- Suresh  Kashiyani

DD Live Streaming of Beating Reteat

Watch Doordarshan Live Streaming of Beating Reteat Ceremony at 16.45 hrs on 29.01.2015 at 

आज 29 जनवरी को आकाशवाणी मथुरा का स्थापना दिवस..

 आज ही के दिन 29 जनवरी 1967 को तत्कालीन सूचना प्रसारण मंत्री के हाथों आकाशवाणी मथुरा केन्द्रा का उद्घाटन हुआ था । कुछ ही समय में मथुरा केन्द्र ने श्रोताओं के दिलों में अपनी जगह बना ली थी ।  इस केन्द्र से अनेक लब्ध प्रतिष्ढित लोग जुडे इनमें काका हाथरसी, निभँय हाथरसी , उदयप्रताप सिह, गोपाल दास नीरज ज्ञानपीठ से नवाजे गये शायर शहरयार बरसाने लाल चतुवेॅदी, गोविन्द कवि रामलला, श्यामाचरण श्याम, गिर्राज मनोहर, लक्षमन प्रसाद चौबे, बालजी चौबे, रामनारायण अग्रवाल, मोहन स्वरूप भाटिया, डॉ.नटवर नागर, डॉ. ब्रज वल्लभ मिश्र, काजी अब्दुल सत्तार पानू खोलिया डौ. शरण बिहारी गोस्वामी , गिरीश चतुवेॅदी ,डौ.वसंत यामदग्नि अलका पाठक नंद भारद्वाज त्रिभुवननाथ शमाॅ सत्येन्द्र बोस डौ.रामनरेश पांन्डे मनोहर लाल पंडिता राधा बिहारी गोस्वामी श्रीक्रष्न शरद सत्यदेव आजाद विमल अरोरा लोकेन्द्र शमाॅ सोमठाकुर हरीबाबू कौशिक, धमेॅन्द्र शमाॅ, अरूण गोविल, अचला नागर आदि एसे नाम हैं जिनका काम आज भी श्रोता याद करते हैं ।
स्थापना दिवस के अवसर पर आज मथुरा में एक विशेष कार्यक्रम का आयोजन किया गया है । 
साभार—यतीन्द्र चतुर्वेदी, ब्लॉग रिपोर्ट—प्रवीण ना​गदिवे

26 Jan.-स्थापना दिवस -आकाशवाणी हिसार (हरियाणा) केन्द्र

Jai prakash, A.E,Mahender Mohan, PEX,Rajbir Singh Dalal, SEA,Chhota Ram, Head cleark,Promod Manchanda, Steno,Krishan Kumar, Techcian,Rajive Sharma, LDC,Vinod Kumar, MTS 

आकाशवाणी हिसार (हरियाणा) केन्द्र ने 26 जनवरी को अपना 16वां स्थापना दिवस मनाया।आप विदित होँ कि आकाशवाणी हिसार केन्द्र की स्थापना 26 जनवरी 1999 को हुई थी।6 किलोवाट के इस एफ एम केन्द्र को रेडियो श्रोता 102.3 मेगाहर्ट्ज पर सुन सकते हैँ।इस अवसर पर आकाशवाणी हिसार परिवार को हार्दिक बधाई व शुभकामनाएं...!

सोर्स:- झावेंद्र कुमार ध्रुवजी का फेसबुक अकाउंट, श्री जय प्रकाश ,सहायक अभियंता and

प्रगतिशील युवा कृषक बी एल वाकतरिया आकाशवाणी पर..

आकाशवाणी इन्दौर के नियमित श्रोता एवं प्रगतिशील युवा कृषक श्री बी एल वाकतरियों से कृषि संबंधी बातचीत की रेकार्डिंग पिछले दिनों आकाशवाणी इन्दौर के स्टूडियों में की गयी । इस बातचीत का प्रसारण दिनांक 7 फरवरी 2015 को शाम 7 बजकर 21 मिनट से 8 बजे के बीच आकाशवाणी इन्दौर के खेती गृहस्थी कार्यक्र्म में किया जाएगा । 
श्री वाकतरिया न केवल युवा प्रगतिशील किसान है अपितु आकाशवाणी इन्दौर के केज्युअल एनांउसर की पैनल में भी रह चुके हैं कृषि कार्यों के चलते वे अब एनाउंसमेंट नहीं कर पा रहे हैं । एवम् हमारे नियमित श्रोता हैं ।

पूर्णत: कृषिकार्य में लगे श्री वाकतरिया ने आकाशवाणी के इस साक्षात्कार में रबी फसलों की कटाई एवं ग्रीष्मकालीन सब्जियों तथा गराडू की उन्नत खेती पर बेहद लाभप्रद जानकारी प्रदान की जो कि किसान भाईयों के लिए बेहद उपयोगी साबित होगी । इसी दौरान श्री वाकतरिया श्रोता अनुसंधान एकांश भी पधारे चित्र उसी अवसर का साथ है श्रोता अनुसंधान एकांश प्रभारी प्रवीण नागदिवे व कार्यक्र्म अधिकारी रमेश भार्गव, राजेश पाठक......
Blog Report - Praveen  Nagdive, AIR Indore 9425400254

INSPIRATION - A Man Who Was Left bereft of All His Limbs And Still Is Able To Do Everything!

A childish mistake, a “dare” at the age of 5, took away all his limbs. For 10 years after that, Pratap was not allowed to step out of his house. But today, he not only goes to work everyday, but earns well, lives on his own and is completely self-reliant. Once a grateful recipient of a scholarship that helped him complete his studies in Finance and MBA, he is now a giver of scholarships and also participates in policy making. Can anything better illustrate the impact made by persons with disability if given half a chance in our society? 

Source Credit and Read more at :- (click on the following link)

Interview of Shri. Vijay Bhatkar at AIR Pune

Shri. Vijay Bhatkar is best known as the architect of India's national initiative in supercomputing where he led the development of Param supercomputers. He developed the first Indian supercomputer, the Param 8000, in 1991 and then later the Param 10000 in 1998. Based on the Param
series of supercomputers, he built the National Param Supercomputing Facility (NPSF) which has been now made available as a grid computing facility through Garuda grid on the National Knowledge Network (NKN) providing nationwide access to High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure. Currently, Bhatkar is working on exascale supercomputing via the Capability, Capacity and Infrastructure on National Knowledge Network.

Bhaktar received the Padmashri Award in 2000 from the Government of India and the Maharashtra Bhushan Award of 1999-2000, the highest recognition of the Government of Maharashtra and many more such awards.

This year he is awarded the country’s third highest civilian award ‘Padma Bhushan’ for Science category.In this connection AIR Pune recorded his interview. All AIR stations in Maharashtra will broadcast this interview on 29th January 2015 at 8:15 pm. He is interviewed by journalist Dr. Sagar Deshpande. Interview is  produced by Mrs. Neelima Patwardhan (PEX) and technical support extended by Shri. N.V.Ghatole and Shri. S.S.Raut.

Retirement of Swaran Kaur PEX on 31.01.15 AIR Jalandhar.

Smt Swaran kaur Programme Executive says good bye to A.I.R. Jalandhar on 31.01.15 after serving about 27 years.
She Joined at AIR Shimla as Transmission Executive on 29.09.1989.Promoted as Programme Executive on 14.10.2003 at AIR Jalandhar. She did MA, M.Phil in Political Science and Diploma in Journalism. During her period of service at AIR Shimla as Trex , she produced and presented variety of programmes like Aapke Anurodh Par, Akarshan, Khulla Akash, Vidhayarthion Ke Liye and Apka Pattar Mila. She looks after Women and Children, Health & Programme for senior citizens “Athan Wela” at AIR Jalandhar as Programme Executive. She also produced an innovative programme Family No.1, which is very popular and still continue. 

She received three Akashvani Annual Awards in different categories at AIR Jalandhar especially in Family welfare category and Laadli Media Awards also. She received awards in Working in Hindi. She believed in team building, proper administration and cordial relation with seniors and contemporaries which are essential feature of b’casting.

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S Kalyani, UDC, AIR, Madurai retiring on 31.01.2015.

Smt. S. Kalyani, Upper Division Clerk, AIR, Madurai retires on superannuation on 31.01.2015 after dedicating more than 33 years of service. She served in various places viz., Min of I&B, DG AIR, O/o ADG(E)(SZ), AIR Tuticorin and AIR Madurai. Wishes can be conveyed on her mobile number 9944407036.

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Abdul Gaffur, Daftary, DDK, Bhubaneswar retires on 31.01.2015.

Shri Abdul Gaffur, Daftary, DDK, Bhubaneswar will retire from Government Service on superannuation w.e.f. 31.01.2015.He has  joined Doordarshan on 23.08.1979 at (DDK, Cuttack) and served in DDKs Cuttack,DDK,Bhubaneswar.

Joined as a Messanger at DDK, Cuttack on 23.08. 1979, Shri Abdul Gaffur promoted to the post of Daftary on 27.11.1981. He got transferred to DDK, Bhubaneswar in November’ 1992 when Doordarshan Kendra was shifted to Bhubaneswar from Cuttack. Shri Gaffur has served Doordarshan for a span over 35 years and has given his best to the organisation. Known as a simple, sincere and reliable employee of the organisation.You can wish him on 09938219407.

Prasar Bharati Parivar wishes him a happy,healthy and peaceful retired life.

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Besides being the financial & commercial capital, it has one of the largest cotton textile industries in the country.The biggest & busiest port in India. It has the largest source of oil and natural Gas.

The largest stock exchange in India, and third largest exchange in the world! Mumbai is also the capital of India's Pharmaceutical Trade and Industry.
The city is a transit point- manufactured medicines come into the city from all over India and are stored in what are called central depots from where they are redistributed all over the country.
Many multinationals & mega corporate head offices are located here, and the largest motion picture Industry in the world is here!
The city is known for creating wealth, from the busy business tycoons to the beggars in the street everyone gets his share of the pie. 40% of India's GNP, is generated from this city.
Its port handles 50% of the country's foreign trade. 40% of India's textile industry, and its citizens pay 1/3 of India's Income tax!
Majorities of the people here are Hindus, followed by Muslims, Parsis, & Christians. The city has a growing population of 15 million. Due to the high level of congestion, population has grown in the suburbs and in Navi Mumbai particularly 
The city attracts a large number of migrants from the state and other parts of the country, specially from rural states.

This port city (India's largest and busiest) accounts for a major share of the government's revenue, and has one of the world's largest harbour. In a recent survey of cities compiled, Mumbai is the fifth most expensive city in the world. 40% of this island city consists of reclaimed land from the sea.

This mega cosmopolitan city is a city of contrasts. The deceptively calm sea, its beaches and fishing boats, give lie to a city, which is bursting at its seams with population, pollution and space.
Over 60% of air pollution is due to the 7 lakh vehicles on the roads. Space constraints have given rise to towering skyscrapers standing majestically next to sprawling slums ( Dharavi -Asia's biggest slum is here). 

Haute cuisine besides hawker stalls. World renowned designer labels and brands to exquisite made in India items.
People of various caste, culture, and religion inhabit the city, and due to this diversification the customs, languages, and even the food is of infinite variety. 
The language spoken here is Hindi & Hinglish which is street speak and slang a mixture of Hindi & English. The official state language though is Marathi. 

The city is multi religious, multi cultural, multilingual.

No. of rooms available:-03
Fax No for Guest House booking:-22029666, 22026241, 22026244
Email/Phone Mobile for Guest House booking:-22026242
Name & contact details of the concerned Person / Caretaker:-
Sr. Administrative Officer
Contributed by :- Binoy Kumar Sinha Sr AO AIR Mumbai

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About that fantastic Doordarshan broadcast on Republic Day…

A Doordarshan camera in action at the parade.
Jan. 26, 2015 wasn’t just another Republic Day for Prasar Bharati, the government-owned body that runs Doordarshan, India’s public broadcaster.It was the first after Narendra Modi—a politician with a penchant for picture-perfect, grandiose events—took office last year, with the Indian prime minister also hosting US president Barack Obama.Not only had no US president before Obama attended the parade in New Delhi, perhaps never before had the country—and the world—put India’s celebration of democracy under such scrutiny.As the only broadcaster responsible for transmitting the images, Prasar Bharati had to pull it off. With 107 minutes of live coverage—with thousands of soldiers, artists, schoolchildren and even a few motorcycle daredevils making their way down Rajpath—the broadcaster had to also seamlessly ensure bilingual commentary and sign language interpretation without any glitch.

“We wanted to get rid of the Xi Jinping episode and be appreciated for our real worth,” Jawahar Sircar, Prasar Bharati’s CEO, told Quartz.But it wasn’t easy.“This year was tough,” Mahesh Joshi, the overall-in-charge of the Republic Day broadcast said in a phone interview. “We had a lot of permissions to take from the Special Protection Group (especially with Obama in attendance) and also set up telescopic lenses to ensure smooth coverage.”

In all, Prasar Bharati brought in over a 100 broadcast specialists and trained over weeks to ensure that everything went glitch-free. It employed 24 high-definition cameras, compared to 18 last year. These included three jimmy jibs (camera on a crane), six cameras at Rashtrapati Bhavan and two robotic cameras.
The placement of the two robotic cameras inside the VIP enclosure was a success: Amidst all the banter with Modi, Obama was captured chewing gum as he watched the parade.It wasn’t just millions of Indian viewers who watched the Republic Day parade on Doordarshan. The event was broadcast live for audiences in South Asia and Australia, apart from a live stream via YouTube. India’s private broadcasters, as always, also depended on Doordarshan for coverage ofMonday’s parade.And by all indications, Prasar Bharati and Doordarshan pulled it off.

The 2015 Republic Day is proof that there is still an audience for a job well done.

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