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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Inspiration - Meet Rukmani Riar, the IAS topper who had failed Class 6 exams

“Ever since I failed in Class 6, I am scared of failure. It can be very depressing. But after that incident, I made up my mind that I won’t sulk and complain. I will work hard and give things my best. I believe that if one decides to persevere and come out of that phase, nothing can stop you achieving success,”....

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PK Srichandan, SD, Akashvani Sambalpur Retires on 30.04.2016.

Sri P. K. Srichandan, SD, Akashvani Sambalpur today Retired....! Akashvani Recreation Club Organized the farewel party.
(sabhar : Randeep Pradhan)
Source:- Facebook Accpount of Shri Jhavendra Kumar Dhruva

Karam Singh, EA, AIR Jalandhar Retires on 30.04.2016.

Sh.Karam Singh is retiring on 30.04.2016 as Engineering Assistant at All India Radio Jalandhar. He joined as helper on 14.11.1979 at DDK Jalandhar. All The staff members along with Station Director, Deputy Director Engineering , ADP wish his good luck for coming retirement life.

Prasar Bharati Parivar wishes him a very happy, healthy, peaceful and contended retired life.

Information about other retiring officers (of all grades and disciplines) may be added on the blog. Please mail details of retiring friends from your station to Retiring friends may also like to address their friends through this blog for which they can send their photo & write-ups to for possible upload on the blog.

Contributed by :- Shri. Gurvinder Singh, Programme executive, All India Radio Jalandhar

Akashwani instrumental in promoting Bollywood Movies

Akashwani (CSU) is proud to have played an instrumental role in the Promotion of some of the bollywood movies which became Blockbusters ! One more flick is added to the list . Listen to the trailor of 1920 London over All India Radio !!!

Source:- Facebook Account of CSU Akashwani Mumbai

Friday, April 29, 2016

Remembering Melville de Mellow on his 103 rd Birth Anniversary

वो थे 'भारत की आवाज़'...

लगातार सात घंटे तक महात्मा गांधी की अंतिम यात्रा का आँखों देखा हाल सुनाने वाले मेलविल डिमैलो को भारत का अब तक सर्वश्रेष्ठ ब्रॉडकास्टर माना जाता है.
कई वर्षों तक गणतंत्र दिवस परेड की कमेंट्री करने वाले मेलविल डिमैलो प्रख्यात समाचार वाचक भी थे.
उनके रेडियो रूपक लाली एंड द लायन ऑफ़ गीर को प्रतिष्ठित 'प्राइज़ इटालिया' दिया गया था.
मेलविल डिमैलो की 103 वी वर्षगाँठ पर उन्हें याद कर रहे हैं Rehan Fazal

तो लिंक पर क्लिक कीजिए और बीबीसी की वेबसाइट पर सुनिए। 

Women of substance - 12th Sahyadri Hirkani Award 2016 Ceremony DDK Mumbai

The 12th Sahyadri Hirkani Award 2016 Ceremony was organized at at Doordarshan Kendra,Worli

A woman of substance is a woman of power, a woman of positive influence and a woman of meaning. A brainchild of Shri Mukesh Sharma (ADG – Doordarshan), Sahyadri Hirkani Awards honored nine distinguished women from across Maharashtra who, with sheer grit and determination, left their stamp in a male-dominated arena and brought the desired social change in the society.

The awards were decided by an independent jury and prominent personality’s viz., Smt.Meera Borawankar,DG,Legal & Technical,Govt. of Maharashtra, Dr.Nishigandha Wad,Scholar & TV personality, Shri. Dilip Chaware, Sr.Journalist,. Advocate Jai Vaidya & Sanjay Awate,Editor-Mumbai Sakal.

The Eight Hirkani Award recipients were: 

1. Priyanka Mohite: Born in Satara village near the mountains of Ajinkyatara. Twenty one years old Priyanka Mohite became the youngest Maharashtrian girl to scale Mount Everest. She created a record by becoming third Youngest Indian and second Maharashtrian to scale Mount Everest.

2.Usha Madavi : From Remote Naxalite area Salekasa which is at the border of Maharashtra and M.P Usha Madavi strives to protect jungle nearby villages. Along with other womens and support of her husband she was able to protect 500 acrs of jungle area from forest and land Mafia which were doing forest cutting and sand lifting illegally,after patrolling the jungle area day and night.

3. Suman More : 50 yrs Suman more worked as Ragpicker. Suman More had many challenges in life. she was earlier shunned by the society for being a garbage picker until life turned a full circle when she was selected to speak at the international Labour Organisation conference held at Geneva. Her story was the inspiration to many.

4. Wahbiz Bharucha : From Pune was always Scholar in Academics and sports. Her coach first spotted her in school and asked her to join the sessions . She has become Icaptain for Indias Rugby womens Team. She intends to propagate and popularise Rugby as career sports opportunity for Women in India.

5. Dr. Madhavi Khode Chavre : From Yavatmal, was always a topper in academics. She topped 10th std ,12th std and topped in MBBS in 2001 as Gynocologist.In 2007 She became an IAS. Right now she is posted as Additional Tribal commissioner at Nagpur.

6. Shabana Sheikh : Is the 1st Muslim women Police officer from Male dominated village of Ahmednager. Among nine siblings and from a very poor family she had aim and dedication to do something in life and in 1992 she passed MPSC exam and was inducted in police force.

7. Mumtaz sheikh : A Mumai based activist Mumtaz sheikh who started the campaign for RIGHT TO PEE along with her CORO team has been successful in developing toiltes in Mumbai. She started the campaign which is a simple mantra that fights to give basic sanitation facility to women in India. She strongly believed that issues of sanitation can be resolved through Right to Pee campaign.

8. Dr.Sandhya Purecha : A traditional Bharatnatyam dancer a deciple of Guru Parvathikumar, found it necessary to examine and understand the theoretical basis on which the tradition of dance and the traditional techniques have been built. After learning the shlock's of Abhinaya Darpanam she felt the need to coordinate the Shastra and Sampraday. She has her dance institute 'Kala Parichay "and has trained nearly 5000 students in Bharatnaryam. Sandhya has performed for various prestigious festivals and organisation in India and abroad.

“Sahyadri Hirkani Sanman Sohala” will be telecast on DD Sahayadri on Saturday, 30th April 2016 from 4:30 p.m. onwards.

Source and Credit : Mukesh Sharma

आकाशवाणी भोपाल द्वारा ‘‘सिंहस्थ, 2016’’ पर केन्द्रित रेडियो श्रृंखला ‘‘अमृत घट बरसे’’ की नौवीं कड़ी एवं दसवीं कड़ी का प्रसारण आगामी शनिवार व सोमवार को ..

आकाशवाणी भोपाल द्वारा ‘‘सिंहस्थ, 2016’’ पर केन्द्रित कार्यक्रमों की कड़ी में प्रसारित होने वाली , रेडियो श्रृंखला ‘‘अमृत घट बरसे” की नौवीं कड़ी का प्रसारण आगामी 30 अप्रैल 2016(शनिवार) को तथा दसवीं कड़ी का प्रसारण आगामी 02 मई 2016 (सोमवार) को, प्रातः 08:30 बजे से प्रातः 08:45 बजे तक किया जाएगा।
‘‘अमृत घट बरसे’’ की नौवीं कड़ी में ‘‘इतिहासविदों, पुरातत्ववेत्ताओं और संस्कृत साहित्य के माध्यम से श्रोताओं को उज्जयिनी के वैभवशाली अतीत में ले जाने का प्रयास किया गया है तथा चंड प्रद्योत के काल से आरंभ होकर उज्जयिनी पर शको के आक्रमण तक के इतिहास का समावेश भी इस कड़ी में किया गया हैं। इसके साथ-साथ इस कड़ी में प्रद्योतकाल में भास द्वारा रचित नाटक ‘‘प्रतिज्ञा यौगंधरायण’’ के नाट्यंशों का भी इसमें समावेश है।
अमृत घट बरसे की दसवीं कड़ी, उज्जयिनी के परम प्रतापी राजा विक््रमादित्य पर केन्द्रित है। इस कड़ी में विक््रमादित्य को आधार बनाकर लिखी गयी कथाओं के उल्लेख के साथ बेताल पच्चीसी की एक कथा का नाट्य रुपांतरण को इसमें सम्मिलित किया गया है। उल्लेखनीय है कि विक्रमादित्य के काल को लेकर इतिहासविदों के मतभेदों के बीच, इस रुपकात्मक कार्यक्रम की कडि़यां ‘‘विक्रमादित्य शोध पीठ उज्जैन’’ द्वारा की गईं नवीनतम खोजों के आधार पर तैयार की गई हैं, जिसमें विक्रमादित्य के संबंध में प्रचलित कथायें व जनश्रुतियां है कि, राजा विक्रमादित्य ने हीं, ‘‘विक्रम सम्वतसर’’ की स्थापना की थी।
इस कार्यक्रम को मध्यप्रदेश और छत्तीसगढ़ राज्य स्थित समस्त आकाशवाणी केन्द्र अनुप्रसारित (रिले) करेंगे तथा इन कडि़यों कोे, मध्यप्रदेश स्थित विविध भारती केन्द्र ( भोपाल, इन्दौर व जबलपुर विविध भारती ) भी प्रसारित करेंगे। इन विविध भारती केन्द्रों द्वारा नौवीं कड़ी का प्रसारण आगामी 30 अप्रैल 2016(शनिवार) को तथा दसवीं कड़ी का प्रसारण आगामी 02 मई 2016 (सोमवार), को प्रातः 09ः15 बजे से प्रातः 09ः30 बजे तक किया जाएगा।
उल्लेखनीय है कि इसके पूर्व आकाशवाणी भोपाल द्वारा ‘‘अमृत घट बरसे की आठ कडि़यों का प्रसारण को किया जा चुका है। जिन्हें श्रोताओं की काफी सराहना मिली है तथा इस श्रृंखला को बहुत पसन्द किया गया है।
इस रेडियो श्रृंखला ‘‘अमृत घट बरसे’’ के सभी 13 एपीसोड (कडि़यों) का प्रायोजन मध्यप्रदेश राज्य पर्यटन विकास निगम लिमिटेड, भोपाल, द्वारा किया जा रहा है।
‘‘अमृत घट बरसे’’ रेडियो श्रृंखला की यह कडि़यां आकाशवाणी भोपाल के केन्द्र निदेशक श्री अनवार अहमद खान की परिकल्पना और संयोजन में तैयार कर प्रसारित की जा रही हैं। इन कडि़यों के प्रस्तुतकर्ता आकाशवाणी भोपाल के कार्यक्रम अधिकारी श्री राकेश ढौंडियाल हैं, जबकि इनकी सह-प्रस्तुति आकाशवाणी भोपाल के वरिष्ठ उद्घोषक डाॅ. अरविन्द सोनी की है।
योगदान—राजीव श्रीवास्तव, ब्लॉग रिपोर्ट—प्रवीण नागदिवे

रचना: मणि-कांचन व्यक्तित्व - आचार्य प्रतापादित्य !

आकाशवाणी की सेवा में मुझे भेजने का श्रेय जिन्हें प्राप्त है वे थे आदरणीय आचार्य प्रतापादित्य जो मेरे पिता ,दीनदयाल उपाध्याय गोरखपुर विश्वविद्यालय में विधि शिक्षक तथा मेरे आध्यात्मिक साधना पथ के आचार्य भी थे ।वे पहले आकाशवाणी लखनऊ के कृषि कार्यक्रम के वार्ताकार थे और बाद में आकाशवाणी गोरखपुर की स्थापना के बाद आकाशवाणी गोरखपुर के ।शुरुआती दौर में ही उनका परिचय निदेशक श्री इन्द्र कृष्ण गुर्टू से हुआ जो आगे के बरसों में घनिष्ठता में तब्दील हो गया ।मेरी साहित्यिक सांस्कृतिक अभिरुचि को देखते हुए उनके मित्रों सर्वश्री मुक्ता शुक्ल(आकाशवाणी लखनऊ)और हरिराम द्विवेदी (आकाशवाणी गोरखपुर)आदि ने मुझे राह दिखाई और 1975-76 में आकाशवाणी लखनऊ में सम्पन्न इंटरव्यू के आधार पर सीधी नियुक्तियों में मेरा चयन प्रसारण अधिशाषी रूप में हुआ था ।मेरे पिता स्थानीय समाचार पत्रों में योग और अध्यात्म के नियमित कालम लिखते थे ।वे आजीवन आकाशवाणी गोरखपुर के नियमित वार्ताकार रहे ।कानून सम्बन्धित वार्ताओं में सहभागिता के अतिरिक्त विविध भारती मुम्बई के "चिन्तन बिन्दु "कार्यक्रम के लिए भी उन्होंने कई आलेख लिखे थे ।

24मई 1933 को ग्राम विश्वनाथपुर(सरया तिवारी) विकास खंड खजनी जिला गोरखपुर में प्रतिष्ठित सरयूपारीण ब्राह्मण कुल में जन्मे आचार्य जी के पिता पं० भानु प्रताप राम त्रिपाठी और मां श्रीमती पार्वती देवी थीं ।बी० ए० तक की शिक्षा गोरखपुर में और एम० ए०(राजनीति शास्त्र) और एल० एल० बी० की पढ़ाई इलाहाबाद विश्वविद्यालय में सम्पन्न हुई ।26 फरवरी वर्ष 1948 में उनका विवाह जस्टिस एच० सी० पी० त्रिपाठी की बड़ी पुत्री श्रीमती सरोजिनी से हुआ जो बचपन में ही अपनी मां की ममता से वंचित हो चुकी थीं और मात्र हाई स्कूल तक पढ़ी थीं ।वे 1959 में एक अधिवक्ता के रूप में पंजीकृत होकर सिविल कोर्ट गोरखपुर में प्रैक्टिस करते हुए 1966 से 1979 तक जिला शासकीय अधिवक्ता फौजदारी के रूप में अपनी उल्लेखनीय सेवाएं देते रहे ।साथ ही 1964 से 2000 तक वे गोरखपुर विश्वविद्यालय में अंशकालिक विधि प्रवक्ता के रूप में काम करते रहे ।उधर उन्होंने अपनी पत्नी को उच्च शिक्षा पाने के लिए प्रोत्साहित किया और उन्होंने एम० ए० राजनीति तक की शिक्षा परिवार संभालते हुए पूरी की ।लोगों के लिए उत्सुकता का विषय यह रहा कि उनकी बड़ी बेटी विजया जब बी० ए० कर रही थी तो वे भी उन्हीं के साथ एम० ए० की पढ़ाई हेतु यूनिवर्सिटी जाती थीं ।आचार्य जी की आजीविका का साधन कानून था किन्तु उनके मन में बचपन से ही साहित्य और अध्यात्म का अथाह समुन्दर हिलोरें मानता था जो अवसर पाते ही सामने आ जाता ।उन्हें फोटोग्राफी, ज्योतिष, होमियोपैथी, आयुर्वेद चिकित्सा का अतिरिक्त शौक था ।उनके ज्योतिष और तंत्र -मंत्र ज्ञान से कई लोग प्रभावित थे ।इन दिनों कई चैनलों पर ख्याति पा रहे पंडित शैलेन्द्र पांडेय भी उनके निकटतम शिष्यों में से एक हैं ।अपनी गहन रुचि और चिन्तन -सृजन के चलते गोरखपुर में उन्हें योग,तंत्र और अध्यात्म का एक प्रमुख विशेषज्ञ भी माना जाने लगा ।गोरखनाथ मंदिर के समारोहों में उन्हें बुलाया जाता था ।वे आनन्द मार्ग के एक वरिष्ठ गृही आचार्य तो थे ही ,थियोसाफिकल लाज के अध्यक्ष भी थे ।आज, दैनिक जागरण, राष्ट्रीय सहारा, कल्याण, योगवाणी, भक्त समाज, सत्यकथा, नूतन कहानियाँ, सरिता आदि के लेखक थे ।मुझे याद है कि उन दिनों श्री हनुमान प्रसाद पोद्दार जी के संपादन में छपने वाले कल्याण के एक अंक में उनके प्रकाशित लेख "गोरखपुर की एक आध्यात्मिक विभूति-स्वामी योगानन्द" ने पत्रिका के बुजुर्ग पाठकों में तहलका मचा दिया था ।हजारों की संख्या में पाठकों के जिज्ञासा भरे पत्र आते रहे और वे सभी की जिज्ञासा शांत करते रहे ।यह क्रम वर्षों चला था ।आपातकाल में उन्हें भी पहले डी० आई० आर० फिर रा० सु० का० की चपेट में आकर हफ्तों गोरखपुर जेल में रहना पड़ा था और पं० सुरति नारायण मणि त्रिपाठी के हस्तक्षेप से मीसा में निरुद्ध होने से बचे ।हां, उन्हें सरकारी वकालत ज़रूर छोड़नी पड़ी और कुछ दिन तंगहाली में भी गुजारने पड़े ।

बावज़ूद इसके वे अपने गुरु आनन्द मूर्ति जी के प्रति अंत तक निष्ठावान बने रहे । जीवन के इन ऊबड़खाबड़ रास्तों से गुजरते हुए भी उनके व्यक्तित्व की शांति और सौम्यता हर समय बनी रहती जो उनकी आध्यात्मिक ऊर्जा के कारण ही संभव था ।मैं उनका मंझला पुत्र था और मुझे उन्होंने कानून की पढ़ाई के दूसरे और तीसरे सत्रों में " ला आफ़ कान्ट्रेक्ट "और "ला आफ़ इविडेंस" पढ़ाया था ।इसे मैं अपना सौभाग्य मानता हूँ कि जीवन में उन्होंने ही मुझे अध्यात्म की राह दिखाई और वे ही मेरे आचार्य बने ।अनुशासन के वे बड़े सख़्त थे ।बात उन दिनों की है जब हम गोरखपुर के अलहदादपुर में कच्चे घर में किराये पर रहते थे ।एक बार बचपन में मैं सड़क पर गिरी, बुझी हुई बीड़ी ,शौक से मुंह में लगाए घूम रहा था कि विनोद बारी नामक सहायक ने मेरे इस स्टाइल को देखकर कचहरी से आते ही इस घटना की पिताजी से चुगली कर डाली ।फिर क्या था ।पिताजी ने एक बंडल बीड़ी मंगवाई और नौकर से उसे सुलगवा कर मेरे हाथ में देते हुए कहा अब फूंक मारो और पूरी बंडल पियो ।मुझे काठ मार गया ।दो कश लेते लेते खांसने लगा और अन्ततः उल्टी होने लगी ।मेरी अम्मा ने आकर मुझे बचाया ।लेकिन उनकी यह सीख आजीवन काम आई और मैं धुम्रपान से बचा ही रहा ।आनन्द मार्ग के गुरुदेव आनन्द मूर्ति जी की उन पर विशेष कृपा थी और उन्होंने कुछ सीमित लोगों के साथ उन्हें भी तात्विक और फिर विशेष योग की दीक्षा स्वयं दी थी ।उनकी निकटता का एहसास मुझे स्वयं तब हुआ जब पर्सनल कान्टेक्ट में खुद "बाबा"(आनन्द मूर्ति जी का पुकार नाम) ने मुझसे कहा कि " प्रतापादित्य मेरे प्रिय पुत्र समान हैं और चूंकि तुम उनके लौकिक पुत्र हो तो तुम भी मेरे प्यारे पुत्र हुए ।"अब ये सब बातें सपना समान प्रतीत होती हैं क्योंकि आज न तो "बाबा" सशरीर इस धरती पर हैं और न ही मेरे पिता, मेरे आचार्य ....!पहली मई 2012 को उन्हें गले के कैंसर के कारण अपना पंचभौतिक शरीर छोड़ना पड़ा ।

गोरखपुर शहर एक जमाने में ज़र, ज़मीन और जोरू के चलते दीवानी और फौजदारी मामलात के लिए चर्चित रहा है ।इसी को ध्यान में रखकर आकाशवाणी गोरखपुर से 1995 से एक दशक से ज्यादा अवधि तक श्रोताओं के पत्रों पय आधारित एक साप्ताहिक कार्यक्रम प्रसारित होता रहा - "कानूनी सलाह "जो बहुत ही लोकप्रिय रहा ।इसमें श्रोताओं के कानून सम्बन्धित प्रश्नों का विशेषज्ञ जबाब देते थे ।आचार्य जी को इसमें अक्सर बुलाया जाता था ।आचार्य जी ने अनेक पुस्तकें लिखी हैं जिनमें कुछ प्रमुख हैं-अवधूत गीता, विद्वतजनों की दृष्टि में आनन्द मूर्ति जी, थारू का कुंआ(बड़े पुत्र प्रोफेसर सतीशचन्द्र त्रिपाठी के सौजन्य से प्रकाशित), दिव्य चक्षु, शब्द चयनिका,परामनोविज्ञान, अष्टवक्र गीता, श्रीकृष्ण की गुरु दक्षिणा ,अनुभूतियों के गीत ,श्रीमदभागवत सारतत्व प्रदीपिका(पुत्री प्रतिमा राकेश के सौजन्य से प्रकाशित )भागवत धर्म, पथ कथा, राजयोग, ईश्वर दर्शन: भ्रान्ति और सत्य,समन्वित चिकित्सा निदेशिका,आदि ।आचार्य जी ने अपनी पत्नी सरोजिनी को (जो बचपन में ही मातृसुख सें वंचित हो गई थीं) अगर अल्पशिक्षित से सुशिक्षित होने की राह दिखाई तो उनकी पत्नी ने उनकी धर्म साधना में अनेकों संकट सहकर अनवरत सहायक बने रहने का संकल्प ले लिया था जिसे उन्होंने अपनी पुस्तक "अनुभूतियों के गीत" के आमुख में स्वीकारा है ।

रिश्तों की किताब में आचार्य प्रतापादित्य को मैं एक पिता, एक आचार्य और एक मार्ग दर्शक के रूप में अब भी सूक्ष्म रूप में अपने साथ पाता हूँ ।अपने पिता के लिए जय चक्रवर्ती के शब्दों में कहना चाहूँगा - " पिता आदि से अंत तक ,गुलमोहर के फूल ।खिले खिल रहते भले ,मौसम हो प्रतिकूल।" आकाशवाणी गोरखपुर में मैं आज भी जब जाता हूँ तो लोग उनको याद करते हैं ।उनकी चौथी पुण्यतिथि पर नगर निगम गोरखपुर की महापौर श्रीमती सत्या पांडेय ने उनके बेतियाहाता स्थित आवास के मार्ग का नामकरण उनके नाम पर करने की घोषणा की है जो शहर के नागरिकों की उनके प्रति श्रद्धांजलि का अमर प्रतीक बनने जा रहा है ।सचमुच ऐसे कर्मयोगी गृहस्थ सन्यासी की समाज सेवा के प्रति प्रसार भारती परिवार भी अपनी श्रद्धांजलि अर्पित करता है ।
"इक मुसाफ़िर के सफ़र जैसी है सबकी दुनियां,
कोई जल्दी में ,कोई देर से जानेवाला !"

ब्लॉग रिपोर्ट - श्री. प्रफुल्ल कुमार त्रिपाठी, लखनऊ; मोबाइल नंबर 9839229128 ;ईमेल;darshgrandpa@gmail com

Sri. Rajanna, UDC/ Store Keeper of All India Radio, Mysuru Retires on 30.04.2016.

Born on 09.04.1956, Sri. Rajanna, joined All India Radio, Mysuru on 21.05.1976. He was promoted to the post of UDC/ SK in the year 1999 and has worked at different stations like All India Radio, Mysuru, All India Radio, Madikeri and Doordarshan Maintenance Centre, Mysuru. During his service, he received appreciation letters from the Station Engineer, DMC, Mysuru and the Chief Engineer (South Zone) All India Radio and Television, Chennai for his contribution to acquire 5 Acres of lands for construction of DMC Office and Staff Quarters of HPT Mysuru. He has also been issued with the appreciation certificate by the Station Engineer, DMC, Mysore for his excellent contribution in making the Parliamentary Committee on Official Languages Meeting on 05.10.2012 a grand success.
The staff of All India Radio, Mysuru, wishes him a “Happy Retired Life”.

Prasar Bharati Parivar wishes him a very happy, healthy, peaceful and contended retired life.

Contributed by :- HEAD OF OFFICE, All India Radio Mysore.

Time to say Good Bye!!! - Retirement message--P.Vasanthi

Dear All,

This is P.Vasanthi, going to retire after 40 years of tough, yet a memorable journey from Prasar Bharathi, as Asst Engineer AIR (CBS), Bangalore. The first step in this path started in 1976 as a trainee. Amidst the ups and downs of professional path, i have witnessed 10 transfers and 2 promotions and gained immense knowledge and ample work experience under the guidance of senior colleagues and staff.This journey would not have been completed successfully without the timely support of colleagues in every stage of my professional career.

Finally the moment has arrived to say goodbye, which is never easy, especially when you have been part of the my life as a family for 40 years.It has been a fantastic journey and a great learning experience where I have enjoyed every moment and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with each of you with whom I have interacted.

Even though I will miss you all, I am looking forward to this new phase of life. I wish you all the very best in life. I am reachable at my personal email (


With Regards
Vasanthi Perumal  ,

RABM Hyderabad - First training programme of new training calender rated Excellent by 70% trainees

SourceRtip Hyd

In the Memories of Smt. Nirmala Srinivasan

Notes from an 83-year-old
Nirmala Srinivasan accompanied M.L. Vasanthakumari for 17 years and says those were some of her most cherished memories
I walk into Nirmala Srinivasan’s house, and find her brewing coffee. She is humming to herself and it is not difficult to believe that she is a sought after musician in the kutcheri circuit. Eighty-three-year old Nirmala tells me she was lucky that she did not have to give up music when she got married or had her children. “Those days most of the husbands wanted wives who sang, but discouraged them from performing in public. Women learnt music only to create a good impression during ponnu paakra ritual or a religious occasion.” She says her husband was her greatest support but also her strongest critic. “But, he never interfered in my music, but, he was difficult to please. I waited for his reaction after every concert. He stayed mum if he felt I had not performed to my capability. That always urged me to excel in my art.”And may be that is why Nirmala dedicated the vocational excellence award she received from Rotary Coimbatore Central, for her significant contributions to classical music, to her husband. “I am happy that they decided to recognise a musician this time. Usually, this award is given to doctors and engineers. It is good they are giving importance to music.”

She was only eight when she eavesdropped on the music lessons her sister had at home and started learning music. Her father was an audit officer, and despite financial troubles, he ensured his daughters were well versed in music. “But he also feared that no one would marry us if we took up music professionally.” She cites the example of a relative who was well versed in Carnatic music but was ‘forbidden’ by her husband to pursue it.

At the age of 22, she started singing for All India Radio, and soon became an A-grade artist. “I am still singing,” she says. Among her most revered gurus is Sangeetha Kalanidhi M.L. Vasanthakumari, whose black-and-white photo hangs on the wall. “I was 40, when I first met her. She was visiting a student of mine and I could not stop myself from going there that day.” Vasanthakumari asked young Nirmala to sing and was so impressed that she asked her to accompany her for kutcheris. Vasanthakumari was very protective of her. Nirmala accompanied her to Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru and Nagpur. Nirmala performed with her guru from 1973 to 1990. Her son and mridangist Ragunath Srinivasan says, “We did not crib when amma travelled. We knew she had to be let free for music. We managed. We were so proud of her.” In the world of Carnatic music, the secondary artiste is always overshadowed by the star vocalist. But Nirmala made a mark during these performances. “It is not an easy job. When Vasantha akka wanted to rest, I pitched in. At times, I would get a chance to perform an entire swara manodharma and raga.” But singing with Vasanthakumari was good enough a recognition. “Many interviewed me after the concerts. Because of her, my music quality improved. During concert recordings, the sound engineers would say we sounded the same and that it was difficult to differentiate our voices.” Even at 83, Nirmala wakes up four in the morning to practise and continues to teach music. But, she is not a great fan of Skype classes. “Nothing can match the power of face-to-face interaction,” she declares. She says sticking to one guru and developing a unique style is the way to proceed. Before I leave, I ask her if she will sing something for me. She switches on her sruthi box, meditates for a moment and launches into ‘Muralidhara Gopala’. I record the performance and when she sees it she smiles, “Well, I am not young anymore,” she says and goes back to her cup of coffee. My camera rolls again.

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Forwarded By:- Shri. Jainender Nigam, PB NewsDesk ,

Doordarshan to ‘sell’ primetime slots

India’s public broadcaster Doordarshan (DD) is trying a new strategy to win viewers on its DD National channel. According to India’s Minister of State at the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, the broadcaster will open up key primetime slots for sale to outside content producers.

The Minister said that the current pattern of commissioning programming had resulted in a dip in viewership. This pattern (the self-financing commissioning/SFC) had also resulted in decreasing revenues. The new structure will see independents mounting their programming via DD channels and see DD earn a guaranteed fee for the time-slot. The producers would gain a return on their investment from selling commercials during their slot.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

AIR भोपाल पधारे, जाने-माने फिल्मकार श्री मुज़फ्फर अली....

 जाने-माने फिल्मकार, फैशन डिज़ाइनर, पैंटर, शायर एवं समाज सेवी आज (दिनांक 28 अप्रैल,2016 को) अपने भोपाल प्रवास के दौरान, आकाशवाणी भोपाल पहुंचे तथा आपने अधिकारियों के साथ, विभिन्न विषयों पर विमर्श किया । 

इस अवसर पर आकाशवाणी भोपाल के केन्द्र निदेशक, श्री अनवार अहमद खान तथा अभियांत्रिकी प्रमुख श्री सुदर्शन अंसोलिया ने आकाशवाणी में उनका आरंभ में स्वागत किया तथा तत्पश्चात् केन्द्र निदेशक श्री अनवार अहमद ख़ान ने आकाशवाणी के लिए, उनके व्यक्तित्व एवं कृतित्व पर एक भेंटवार्ता रिकाॅर्ड की।
अपनी भेंटवार्ता में श्री मुज़फ्फर अली ने कहा कि, हमारे देश की गंगो-जमुनी तहजीब हमारी विरासत है और इसे बचाए रखने में सृजनात्मक लोगों को सदैव अपनी भूमिका से इसे बचाने का प्रयास करना होगा। आपने आगे कहा कि, मेरी फिल्मों के अधिकतर कथानक अलग-अलग वर्गों के लोगों की बेबसी पर केन्द्रित रहे हैं तथा मैं अपनी फिल्में बेचने के लिए नहीं बल्कि, एक चित्रकार के रूप में सामाजिक विषयों को उठाने के लिए बनाता हूं। रूमी और अमीर खुसरो की सूफी परम्परा को याद करते हुए आपने कहा कि मानवता के हित में इन विषयों पर फिल्मों का निर्माण किया जाना आज की ज़रूरत है।
योगदान—राजीव श्रीवास्तव, ब्लॉग रिपोर्ट—प्रवीण नागदिवे

Akashvani carries Indian culture to China

AIR's music troupe in the ABU Radio Song Festival 2016 Bejing

Source and CreditY.p. Singh

AIR बीकानेर की 54वां स्थापना दिवस..

आकाशवाणी बीकानेर केन्द्र जिसे हम ढोला मारू चैनल के नाम से जानते व पहचानते हैं | यह ढोल मारू चैनल आज 28 अप्रैल को अपना 54वां स्थापना दिवस मना रहा है | आप विदित हों कि बीकानेर में आकाशवाणी केन्द्र की स्थापना 28 अप्रैल 1963 को हुई थी | 20 किलोवाट के इस मीडियम वेव केन्द्र के प्रसारण को रेडियो श्रोता 1395 किलोहर्ट्ज पर सुन सकते हैं |

आकाशवाणी बीकानेर केन्द्र में निदेशक (अभियंता) के पद पर श्री एस. के. मीना जी व कार्यक्रम प्रमुख के पद पर इन दिनों श्री एच. एस. व्यास जी कार्यरत हैं | कार्यक्रम अधिशासी के पद पर श्री अमित सिंह व श्री महेश्वर जी कार्यरत हैं | प्रसारण निष्पादक के पद पर श्री बार खा थवानी जी, सुश्री पुनीत बिश्नोई जी, श्री अजय स्वामी जी, श्री नवीन सिसोदिया जी व श्री मनोज बिश्नोई जी कार्यरत हैं | बीकानेर केन्द्र में वरिष्ठ उद्घोषक के पद पर श्री प्रमोद कुमार शर्मा जी, सुश्री मंदाकिनी जोशी जी व श्री मिलिंद पांडे जी कार्यरत हैं |

बहरहाल, आज ढोला मारू चैनल की 54वें स्थापना दिवस के अवसर पर आकाशवाणी बीकानेर परिवार को हमारी ओर से हार्दिक बधाई व शुभकामनाएं....!

आकाशवाणी इन्दौर - उज्जैन सिंहस्थ 2016 शाही स्नान का सजीव प्रसारण

दिनांक 22 अप्र्रैल 2016 को प्रथम शाही स्नान का आकाशवाणी इन्दौर द्वारा सजीव आंखों देखा हाल प्रसारित किया गया। आंखो देखा हाल सुबह 6.00 बजे से 7.45 बजे तक और सुबह 8.30 बजे से 10.00 बजे तक प्रसारित किया गया। शाही स्नान का आंखो देखा हाल प्रसारित करने के लिए क्षिप्रा नदी के किनारे तीन कॅामेंट्री बूथ बनाये गये थे। पहला रामघाट दूसरा बड़ा उदासीन अखाड़ा और तीसरा मेवाड़ा राजपूत धर्मषाला में। रामघाट बूथ पर काॅमेंट्री के लिए हिन्दी में आकाशवाणी इन्दौर के उद्घोषक श्री संजीव मालवीय, अंग्रेजी में श्री आलोक चतुर्वेदी और विषेषज्ञ के तौर पर श्री आलोक वक्त वरिष्ठ साहित्यकार मौजूद थे।

बड़ा उदासीन अखाड़ा बूथ पर हिन्दी में काॅमेंट्री कर रहे थे श्री विद्याधर मुले, अंग्रेजी में श्री मनीष बड़कस और विषेषज्ञ थे डाॅ.शिव  चौरसिया । इसी प्रकार मेवाड़ा राजपूत धर्मशाला  बूथ पर कमेंटेटर थे श्री अनिल श्रीवास्तव और श्री उदित तिवारी। इन दोनों ने ही हिन्दी में काॅमेंट्री की। इनके साथ विषेषज्ञ थे डाॅ. भगवती लाल राजपुरोहित। आकाशवाणी दिल्ली के माध्यम से इस शाही स्नान के आंखों देखे हाल को राष्ट्रीय नेटवर्क पर पूरे भारत के 190 केन्द्रों से एक साथ प्रसारित किया गया। सजीव प्रसारण के दौरान स्टूडियो में आकाशवाणी इन्दौर के उद्घोषक श्रीमती सुधा शर्मा और प्रवीण शर्मा ने कार्यक्रम का संचालन किया।

इंजीनियरिंग टीम के प्रयास भी अत्यंत सराहनीय रहे। टीम की अगुआई की उपनिदेषक अभियांत्रिकी श्री एल.एल. पटेल ने। इसके अलावा श्री संजय शुक्ला, श्रीमती किरण बंग, श्री अजय खरे, श्री विष्णु प्रसाद चौधरी , श्री बेमा पटेल, भरत सुनवैया, अज़ीम हाश्मी , महेन्द्र दबोरिया, राहुल सेन, राजीव कुमार सिन्हा, आर.के. सिंह, सवागुंजी भी टीम में शामिल थे। 

द्वारा सहयोग :- श्री. ब्रह्म प्रकाश चतुर्वेदी, कार्यक्रम निष्पादक , आकाशवाणी इन्दोर

KV Chavda, Announcer AIR, Rajkot Retires on 30.04.2016.

Shri Kanjibhai Valjibhai Chavda, Junior Grade Announcr / Compare (Farm and Home Unit) of AIR, Rajkot will be retiring on dated 30/04/2016 after serving 27 years, 10 months and 18 days. Shri Chavda joined All India Radio, Rajkot on dated 13/06/1988 as an Artist. He is looking after (1) Krushi Mahiti, (2) Gram Bharti and (3) Gamno Choro...

Prasar Bharati Parivar and all staff of All India Radio, Rajkot wishes him a very happy, healthy, peaceful and contended retired life.
Information about other retiring officers (of all grades and disciplines) may be added on the blog. Please mail details of retiring friends from your station to Retiring friends may also like to address their friends through this blog for which they can send their photo & write-ups to for possible upload on the blog.

Contributed by :- Shri. Chetan Bhatt, PA to DDG(Engg.) and shri. Bhargav Raval, UDC.

TRAI initiates consultation process for credible Radio ratings system

In order to prescribe a framework for radio rating system in India that is conducive to growth, forward looking, and addresses the concerns of the stakeholders while protecting the interests of the consumers, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has suo-motu initiated a consultation process seeking comments/views of stakeholders on the issues related to radio audience measurement and ratings in India. The main objectives of the consultation paper is to ensure growth of radio broadcasting sector, ensure transparency in radio audience measurement & ratings and ensure greater diversity and better quality content.

A consultation paper released by TRAI states that the number of people listening to radio is expected to grow further after completion of phase-III of the FM radio expansion activity. This will further enhance the reach of advertisers and as a result the overall expenditure on radio advertisements is likely to increase giving a further boost to radio industry.According to TRAI, the revenue of radio broadcasting sector in 2014 was Rs 1,720 crore, with a year-on year increase of 18% from 2013 to 2014, driven by increasing popularity of radio in smaller towns and cities. TRAI estimates that the radio broadcasting sector revenues will grow at a CAGR of 18 % to reach Rs 3,950 crore by 2019.

TRAI has also stated that the total advertisement revenue of Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry was Rs 41,400 crore in 2014, contributing approximately 31% to the total M&E revenues. It estimates the advertisement revenue to grow at a CAGR of 14.5% to reach Rs 81,600 crore by 2019. Presently television and print media sectors corner the maximum advertisement revenue (approximately 80% of the total revenues) spend in India. Though the radio broadcasting sector presently accounted for only 4% of total advertisement revenue in 2014, it is however expected to garner 5% of the total advertisement revenues by 2019.

The consultation paper further suggests that there is a need for radio audience measurement which can give a sense of the popularity of a channel or a program to the advertisers and advertising agencies. This will assist them in selecting the right channel or program at the right time to reach the target listeners. Further, it will also aid the radio channels in improving their programs for attracting more listeners.As per TRAI, the task of allocating resources for advertisements by advertisers and advertising agencies has become increasingly challenging with the growth in the number of FM radio channels and vastly increased variety of programs available. Advertising expenditures are typically guided by audience measurement in addition to other factors such as cost of reaching various audience segments, advertisement placements and program schedules.

Advertisement revenues of the radio broadcasting sector are directly linked to listenership of radio channels. In case of newspapers and other print media, audience measurement is based on the number of copies sold. This physical count is however not possible in the case of radio and television sectors, wherein a different form of audience measurement is necessitated.In case of television, subsequent to TRAI’s recommendations on guidelines for Television Rating Agencies dated 11th September 2013, MIB issued guidelines for Television Rating Agencies and an industry body --Broadcasting Audience Research Council (BARC) was entrusted with the task of conducting TV audience measurement.Similarly for the radio broadcasting sector, the Radio Audience Measurement (RAM), which is an indicator of the number of listeners to a radio channels, has become essential.

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DD Sahyadri on Mobile phones - without internet / data charges...

Source : DDSahyadri

Ajay Mittal appointed Secretary, Ministry of I&B

Shri Ajay Mittal is appointed as Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting vice Shri Sunil Arora, lAS (RJ:1980) on his superannuation on 30.04.2016.

Born on 24/02/1958, Shri Ajay Mittal is an IAS officer of 1982 batch from Himachal Pradesh cadre. He has done Bachelor’s degree in Law and Masters in Rural Development.

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दूरदर्शन मुम्बई में डॉ. अम्बेडकर के तेल चित्र का अनावरण...

 दूरदर्शन मुबंई में डां.भीमराव आंबेडकर जी की १२५ वी जंयती उपलक्ष में दिनांक २६/४/२०१६ को बाबासाहेब के तैलचित्र का अनावरण महाराष्ट्र के माननीय सामाजिक न्यायमंञी श्री राजकुमार बडोले द्वारा, श्री. सी. एस. थुल, अध्यक्ष एस. सी./ एस.टी कमिशन महाराष्ट्र राज्य . प्राचार्य श्री  जयमंगल धनराज डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर कांलेज आंफ.लां मुंबई., श्री आे.पी.गैातम महासचिव एस. सी.,/एस.टी.इ.वे.आंसो.नवि दिल्ली . ADG(P) श्री मुकेश शर्मा, ADG(E) श्री श्यामलाल, ADG (E) श्री अजय गुप्ता, DDG(P) श्री फूलसुन्दर के समक्ष किया ।
इस अवसर पर दूरदर्शन की नए भवन में स्थित थर्ड फ्लोर के कॉन्फ्रेंस हॉल का नामकरण बाबासाहेब के नाम पर किया गया ।
Blog Report - Praveen Nagdive, ARU,Akashvani Mumbai

8 Maharashtrian ‘Women of Substance’ awarded by DD Mumbai

‘A woman of substance’ is a woman of power, a woman of positive influence and a woman of meaning. A brainchild of Doordarshan ADG Mukesh Sharma, the Sahyadri Hirkani Awards honoured eight distinguished women from across Maharashtra who, with sheer grit and determination, left their stamp in a male-dominated arena and brought the desired social change in society.

The recipients include the third youngest Indian and the second Maharashtrian to scale Mount Everest, Priyanka Mohite; Usha Madavi, who protected 5 acres of jungle area from the forest and land Mafia; Suman More who was chosen to speak at the international Labour Organisation conference held at Geneva; India’s Rugby women’s team captain Vahbiz Bharucha: Nagpur’s additional tribal commissioner, IAS officer and gynaecologist Madhavi Khode Chavre; the first woman Muslim Police Officer from Ahemednagar Shabana Sheikh; Mumbai based activist and founder of the Right to Pee campaign Mumtaz Sheikh; and danseuse Dr.Sandhya Purecha.

Sahyadri Hirkani Sanman Sohala will telecast on DD Sahayadri on the eve of Maharashtra Day, Saturday, 30 April 2016 from 4:30 pm onwards.The awards were decided by an independent jury and prominent personalities viz., the government of Maharashtra’s, DIG, Legal & Technical -Meera Borawankar; scholar and TV personality Nishigandha Wad, senior journalist Dilip Chaware, senior advocate Jai Vaidya and Sakal’s Mumbai editor Sanjay Awate. Awards were handed over by composer and singer and member of Prasar Bharati board Anup Jalota; DD’s former DG Vijaylaxmi Chhabra; actress Nishigandha Wad; actor, director and ad guru Bharat Dabholkar, advocate Nirmala Sawant Prabhavalkar, former DG of ploice Sridevi Goel, DIG, Legal & Technical - Meera Borawankar, actor Ramesh Bhatkar, One India One People editor Sucherita Hegde, actress Smita Jaykar and many more including former Hirkani Awardees.

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Where mobile network can't reach, Ham radio does the trick

Ham radio is the only mode of communication for polling and security personnel during the ongoing assembly polling some remote corners of West Bengal, which have been left untouched even by mobile phone towers. Armed with solar-powered batteries and Ham radio handsets, a team of licensed Ham radio operators were agents of last mile connectivity between North 24 Parganas district control room at Barasat and those on the field. "This is the first time that Ham radio operators are being used in the election process to provide connectivity. We are very proud and are doing it free of cost as a service to the nation," Ambarish Nag Biswas of West Bengal Radio Club (amateur club), told Press Trust of India. They have set up their equipments and infrastructure in 47 polling premises, each manned by a licensed amateur Ham radio operator.

Most of such unconnected areas are in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Sundarbans archipelago, famous for its tigers and mangrove forests. Tanusree Batabyal, returning officer of Hingalganj Assembly constituency, said some islands were so remote that poll personnel had to cross two rivers on boat and then take a motorised van to reach polling booths. "There are no mobile towers and sending a team to pass on a message to the control room will take lot of time. So these radio operators are our only help to be in constant touch," he said. Even polling personnel had to start travelling two days ahead of polling day to cross geographical barriers. Most of these villages are without electricity also and radio batteries have to be charged with solar panels. Ham radio uses radio frequency spectrum to exchange messages with other radio operators. Each one of them are assigned a call sign for identity.

Source and credit:-
Forwarded By:- Shri. Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi.

Prasar Bharti chief demands law to punish 'anti-nationals'

Prasar Bharati chief A Surya Prakash on Monday demanded that a new law to punish anti-nationals should be made in the country 'to deal with those who question the country's integrity and sovereignty'. Speaking at a programme organised by the public administration department of Lucknow University, Surya Prakash said events like the 'Afzal Guru protest' at JNU in February were a direct assault on the Constitution. "The 42nd report of the Law Commission has strongly recommended penal action against individuals who question the nation's territorial integrity, its judicial system and its Parliament. And these are the very offences committed by those who raised slogans and prepared posters at JNU," he said. Surya Prakash also took a dig at the group of poets, writers and intellectuals who had returned their awards after the Dadri lynching, claiming that many of them had accepted Padmas soon after the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 and the Emergency.

Recent entrant in the list of Padma Shri awardees, filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar also spoke on the issue of a "fake intolerance wave" being created in the country. He said that while he believed in freedom of expression for all, he was against selective treatment towards issues. "Why be selective towards the government of Modiji? All such riots and killings have happened in earlier times too so all of this 'award wapsi' and intolerance issue appeared farce to me. Once the Bihar elections were over, everything died down," he said, adding "and we did counter the scenario by taking out the march vying for India's tolerant nature," he added. Talking on the issue of expression in cinema, Bhandarkar said that while he has had a regular professional tiff with the Censor Board for his films, he supported the body's existence. "There are certain people in the fraternity who want to do away with it, but if that happens, there will no control over what the fringe and senseless elements start showing in films," he said.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Doordarshan's first colour broadcast started on this day 34 years ago..

Doordarshan's first colour broadcast started on this day 34 years ago; five shows to remember

On April 25, 1982, the first colour broadcast was tested in India, and that heralded a new era for Indian television.

This day, 34 years ago, Doordarshan started the test run of India's first colour broadcast. It not only heralded a new era for Indian television, it also enabled sports enthusiasts to watch the Asian Games in colour. Such was the craze of watching the sports extravaganza on colour TV, that people were ready to spend as much as Rs 8,000 on an Indian set and up to Rs 15,000 on the imported version, according to a 1982 India Today report...... 

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Sh. M. Y. Thote was instrumental in bringing Colour TV, Starting TV Networking via satellite. He  served All India Radio and Doordarshan in various capacities and retired as Chief Engineer. Gist of the article on HOW COLOR TELEVISION CAME IN INDIA written by Shri M.Y. Thote, leader of the experimenting team, which was behind the introduction of color television in India, which was earlier published in PB Parivar Blog can be read by clicking at

आकाशवाणी मुम्बई में डॉ. आम्बेडकर की 125 वीं जयंती समारोह में केन्द्रीय मंत्री श्री थावरचंद गेहलोत पधारे ।

डॉ. आम्बेडकर ने देश में फैली विषमताओं को दूर करने का बीडा उठाया था और सरकार भी विकास और सामाजिक भावनात्मक मान सम्मान दिलवाने के माध्यम से यही काम कर रही है ।  आकाशवाणी मुम्बई द्वारा भारत रत्न डॉ. भीमराव आम्बेडकर की 125 वीं जयंती समारोह सप्ताह के समापन अवसर पर केन्द्रीय मंत्री, सामाजिक न्याय एवं अधिकारिता मंत्रालय श्री थावरचंद गेहलोत ने मुख्य अतिथि के रूप में संबोधित करते हुए ये बात कही ।
आकाशवाणी मुम्बई की उपमहानिदेशक श्रीमती एम शैलजा सुमन के मार्गदर्शन में आकाशवाणी मुम्बई द्वारा दिनांक 14 अप्रेल 2016 से डॉ. आम्बेडकर की 125 वीं जयंंती समारोह सप्ताह का आयोजन किया गया था जिसके समापन अवसर पर परिसंवाद एवं भीमसंगीत कार्यक्रम का आयोजन किया गया था । चर्चगेट स्थित आकाशवाणी मुम्बई के आॅडिटोरियम में हुए इस कार्यक्रम में मुख्य अतिथि श्री थावरचंद गेहलोत,केन्द्रीय मंत्री भारत सरकार, सामाजिक न्याय एवं अधिकारिता मंत्रालय थे । 
खचाखच भरे आकाशवाणी आॅडिटोरियम में आमंत्रितों को संबोधित करते हुए माननीय मंत्री महोदय ने कहा कि डॉ. भीमराव आम्बेडकर ने इतनी शैक्षिक डी​ग्रीयॉं एवं उपाधियॉं प्राप्त की कि वे चाहते तो अपने स्वहित और परिवार हित के लिए संपूर्ण जीवन सुख सुविधा से गुजार सकते थे लेकिन बाबासाहब ने अपने ज्ञान को देश की विषमताओं को दूर करने, समन्वयवादी सोच के साथ समरसता लाने, दलितों, महिलाओं, मजदूरों के अधिकारों के लिए संघर्ष करने में लगाया । डॉ. आम्बेडकर सामाजिक विषमताओं को समाप्त कर समतामूलक समाज की स्थापना करना चाहते थे ।
 सामाजिक विषमताओं को दूर करने पर ही वसुघैव कुटुम्बकम की भावना को साकार किया जा सकता है । हमारी सरकार भी विषमताओं को दूर करते हुए सामाजिक एवं भावनात्मक मान—सम्मान दिलाने के प्रयास कर रही है । 
माननीय प्रधानम्ंत्री जी ने डॉ. आम्बेडकर को सम्मान देते हुए उनके प्रति प्रतिबद्धता व्यक्त करने के लिए भारतीय संविधान के प्रति प्रतिबवद्धता व्यकत करने के लिए उस दिन को जिस दिन डॉ. आम्बेडकर ने संविधान बनाकर उस पर हस्ताक्षर किए थे उस 26 नवम्बर को हमेशा हर वर्ष संविधान दिवस के रूप में मनाए जाने की घोषण की है । यही नहीं इस वर्ष संसद के दोनो सदनों में 26 एवं 27 नवम्बर को लोकसभा एवं राज्यसभा में चर्चा हुई प्रतिब्द्धता व्यक्त करने के लिए, सम्मान प्रगट करने के​ लिए, संविधान के मार्ग पर चलने के लिए । और यह भी तय किया गया है कि भारत रत्न डॉ. बाबासाहब आम्बेडकर का जन्मदिवस प्रतिवर्ष समरसता दिवस के रूप में मनाया जायेगा । यही नहीं माननीय नरेन्द्र मोदी जी पहले प्रधानमंत्री हैं जो कि डॉ. बाबासाहब के जन्मस्थान महू पर गए हैं । इससे पूर्व कार्यक्रम की शुरूआत मे माननीय मंत्री जी ने बाबासाहब डॉ. भीमराव आम्बेडकर की तस्वीर पर माल्यार्पण करते हुए दीप प्रज्जवलन कर कार्यक्रम की शुरूआत की । 
माल्यार्पण के बाद केन्द्राध्यक्ष उपमहानिदेशक अभियांत्रिकी श्री सुधीर सोधिया, उपमहानिदेशक कार्यक्रम श्रीमती एम शैलजा सुमन, श्री ओ पी गौतम महासचिव आकाश्वाणी दूरदर्शन, एससीएसटी एसोसिएशन नई दिल्ली और स्टेट कमेटी के श्री प्रवीण नागदिवे, डॉ. संतोष जाधव, श्रीमती मनीषा निकाले, श्री मधुकर मातोंडकर ने केन्द्रीय मंत्री श्री थावरचंद गेहलोत का पुष्पगुच्छ से स्वागत किया । 
श्रीमती एम शैलजा सुमन उपमहानिदेशक प्रोग्राम ने संबोधित करते हुए कहा कि बाबासाहब ने महिलाओं के सशक्तिकरण के लिए अभूतपूर्व काम किया है । मैं अपने आपको उनकी बेटी मानकर गर्व महसूस करती हॅूं ।
श्री ओ पी गौतम महासचिव आकाश्वाणी दूरदर्शन, एससीएसटी एसोसिएशन नई दिल्ली ने संबोधित करते हुए आकाशवाणी मुम्बई की सराहना की कि केन्द्र द्वारा बाबासाहेब की जयंती पर इतना बडा आयोजन किया गया । परिसंवाद की शुरूआत श्री राजेश वानखेडे, सचिव आम्बेडकर जन्मभूमि महू ने की आपने हिन्दू कोड बिल को लेकर महत्वपूर्ण जानकारिया दी और लोगों केा उद्वेलित किया । दूसरे वक्ता श्री आनंद श्रीकृष्णा जो कि प्रमुख आयुक्त इनकम टैक्स हैं ने बाबासाहब के आर्थिक विचारों से जनसमुदाय को अवगत कराया वहीं तीसरे वक्ता एडवोकेट श्री प्रेमानंद रूपावते ने सामाजिक समता—विषमता पर बाबासाहब के विचार क्या है और हम उस पर क्या अमल कर पाये हैं इसे लेकर श्रोताओं को झकझोरा । अपर महानिदेशक अभियांत्रिकी दूरदर्शन श्री श्यामलाल ने बाबासाहब को याद करते हुए उनके ​विचारों को आत्मसात करने की बात की । कार्यक्रम के दौरान 125वीं जयंती समारोह सप्ताह में आयोजित प्रतियोगिताओं के पुरस्कार भी प्रदान किए गए । परिसंवाद के पशचात् भीमगीतों की प्रस्तुति श्री मनोहर वडूंज और मण्डली द्वारा की गयी ।
इस अवसर पर बडी संख्या में आकाशवाणी एवं दूरदर्शन के विभिन्न कार्यालयों के अधिकारी और कर्मचारी मौजूद रहे । कार्यक्रम का संचालन वरि उदघोषक डॉ. दिनेश अडावदकर ने किया वहीं आभार प्रदर्शन आकाशवाणी मुम्बई के वरिष्ठ अन्वेषक श्री प्रवीण नागदिवे ने किया ।
Blog Report - Praveen Nagdive, ARU, AIR Mumbai

Technology Updates

Podcasting Becomes Even More Important as Google Adds Support for Android

Google launched its portal for podcasters back in October.Jacobs Media’s new Web study of radio listeners shows a big increase in the importance of podcasting and on-demand programming. Both show impressive gains.

The Techsurvey12 was conducted from Jan. 19–Feb. 22 of this year. Stakeholder stations participated in a recent webinar, and the results of the study will be released over the next few months.In the survey, the media habits of 12 format-core audiences along, and four generations, are examined. “From “Boomers” to “Millennials”, different patterns of consumption emerge, providing radio broadcasters with information from which they can map out game plans and strategies,” according the Jacobs’ Media’s blog on this topic. “Techsurvey12 provides two different pyramids for stakeholder stations. The Media Usage Pyramid contains broad categories from smartphone and tablet ownership to audio and video streaming. The Brand Platform Pyramid shows brands such as Hulu, TuneIn, and Amazon Prime.” Let’s take a look at the usage platform.

Please take note of the following:

More than 90% of respondents spend at least one hour per day with radio and/or television, the foundation of this pyramid.
84% of respondents now own a smartphone, and 66% have a tablet.
Nearly half the respondents own a “smart” TV or use Apple TV or Chromecast.
57% of respondents use streaming audio at least once per week.
Penetration of “Connected cars” has reached 20% with these respondents.
Podcasting has seen a large increase year over year: 28% have now listened to a podcast, or on-demand audio, at least once in the last month. Last year this figure was at 21%.

The publishing of podcasts has gotten even easier since Google launched its portal for podcasters back in October of last year. “...We’re launching a portal for podcasters to start uploading their shows to Google Play Music before we open up the service to listeners. Along with direct searches and browsing for podcasts, the service will connect new listeners with podcasts based on what they’re doing, how they’re feeling, or what they’re interested in. Similar to our contextual playlists for music, this will give podcast fans and new listeners a way of finding and listening to content that’s unique to Google Play Music. Podcasters in the US can start uploading shows now at,” according to a blog entryfrom that date.

Up until now the vast majority of usage of podcasts has been via Apple devices. “70% of all consumption happens in either iTunes or Apple’s Podcasts app. This has led many to speculate that the single biggest thing that could happen to podcasting is Google’s embrace of the medium,” according to Jacobs Media.

“, (Google) made its new directory available to the public. The rollout in the Google Play Music app will be gradual, so it may take some time before you see the new directory on your Android phone.

“The big takeaway here is that for Android mobile users, podcast access has been somewhere been arduous and clunky. That’s about to end, making it easy for “the other half” of smartphone owners to seamlessly access podcasts.”

AIR mulls shutting down short wave service

The Board of India’s national broadcaster Prasar Bharati is contemplating shutting down the shortwave service of the External Services Division (ESD) of All India Radio (AIR), according to a report in Sunday Guardian Live.

While a proposal to switch to more affordable internet-based radio service is under consideration, a section of the board feels that an exorbitant amount is being spent to maintain the current short wave infrastructure.

AIR began external broadcasting shortly after the outbreak of the Second World War, with a service in Pushtu for listeners across the country’s then North West Frontier to counter radio propaganda from Germany, directed at Afghanistan, Iran and Arab countries.At present, ESD broadcasts 57 transmissions daily, with almost 72 hours covering over 108 countries in 27 languages, out of which 15 are foreign and 12 are Indian.

According to an official in the ESD, its total annual budget is $15 million (Rs 1 billion), out of which approximately $14.24 million (Rs 950 million) is spent on the maintenance of short wave transmitters and the rest on the production of programmes and staff salaries.While it’s difficult to estimate the number of listeners across the world, it does have a good following based on the feedback that we receive from people in Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

“The proposal suggests the shutting down of short wave and the service being made web-based. Since internet is far reaching, listening radio live on the web should not hurt our existing fan base. But of course there is the argument that short wave can reach even the remotest corners of the world, which is not the case with internet signals. The shutting down of short wave, without a doubt, will affect the propaganda value of India among its listeners abroad. Also, India’s edge in a continent like Africa will suffer a blow if the short-wave is to be shut down,” sources in AIR told Sunday Guardian Live.

DRM Recommends DRM30 for FCC’s AM Revitalization

Digital Radio Mondiale has submitted comments to the FCC in regards to the AM Revitalization (MM Docket No. ET 13-249). While the organization says that it is supportive of changes to rules for AM broadcasters, in its comments it also submits a proposal for the FCC to consider its DRM30 standard mode for replacing analog sound broadcasting in frequency bands below 30 MHz. The organization cites its recent rollout in India as an example of its benefits.

Among the benefits of the DRM 30, according to DRM, is its ability to provide data services — such as emergency warnings, data carriage, and EPG — to supplement the program content or for independent purposes as required by Recommendation ITU-R BS.1348.DRM says that its service can provide AM audio quality close to that of FM. It also offers up to three audio channels and one data on a single frequency, as well as stable reception over long distances. The organization claims that current infrastructure can be used and upgraded.

In addition, more content is available, according to DRM. For example, additional audio/visual/text content; web pages and links; and stereo/surround sound/surround sound 5.1.“While we recognize that the United States has selected HD Radio technology for its standard, other systems are in wide use in other parts of the world,” said Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Consortium chairman. “We respectfully request that the FCC consider the universality which could be created by multi-standard receivers.”


TV actress Gauri Pradhan has reinvented herself from a reluctant soap opera goddess to a boutique wedding planner. Once the most loved face in soaps, Gauri Pradhan has a distant look when asked about her last TV stint. "Meri Aashiqui Tumhi Se... or Tum Se Hi or something," she stuttered, claiming the title was too long to remember. "In the first few months of shooting, I kept asking Hiten (her husband) which one is it," smiled the actress, who has moved on from TV to set up a wedding planning outfit, called Knotty Tales, with Pallavee Duggall (actor Rajniesh Duggall's wife). Her shift was triggered by parenthood and demanding television schedules. "Most TV shows are now being shot in Naigaon. This means a two-hour commute one way. And I want to be around when my kids leave for school and return," she shared. The actress, who believes in doing "only one thing at a time", was never keen on the small screen. "I was big on modelling when I started out," said the Miss India aspirant, who participated in the beauty pageant in 1998, incidentally her last year in college. "I was shuttling between Mumbai and Pune (her hometown), when I met a senior actor associated with Cinevista at a party. He felt I would be perfect for an ambitious project they were producing for Doordarshan. Two hundred girls had been rejected for the part by then," she remembered of her TV debut, the eponymous role in Noorjahan, opposite Milind Soman who played Salim.

Playing a Mughal queen meant Gauri had to learn Urdu, fencing, horse riding and even acting. "I hated them, but they were paying for everything, so I didn't mind it as much," she smiled. The show "did well in the interiors", she informed us — a reason why it caught the attention of dogged TV queen Ekta Kapoor, who offered Gauri her most iconic small-screen avatar in Balaji Telefilms' Kutumb. "After my first TV show, I'd saved up enough for a holiday and was all packed to leave for a vacation when Balaji approached me with Kutumb," she said. Gauri rejected the offer, pegging her holiday as a deal-breaker. "But they were persistent and said they'd wait for my return. I quoted an obnoxious figure to make them re-consider, but they actually matched it and I was out of excuses. Ekta is like that. If she decides that she wants something or somebody, she will get it at any cost," she said of the TV stint that made her a household name. A string of TV shows like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kumkum and Left Right Left followed. Her last, Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi, which wrapped up last year, had her play the mother of the lead. "The role was fabulous but I won't play a mother on TV again," said the mum of seven-year-old twins. Turning wedding planner was driven by her hunt for a "creatively gratifying" career. "I am a Virgo and love planning things and am very particular about how I want something," she said sternly. Barely a few months in the business, Knotty Tales has earned the love of many satisfied clients. Popular themes, she shares, are "Great Gatsby" (read: gold and black) and vintage.

"Most young people, who pay for their own weddings, are big on food. They're willing to fly down a chef from their favourite restaurants and even rope in musicians to perform a gig at the venue. But they want it to be an intimate affair. They don't want to invite 1,000 people at a five-star but prefer 200-300 people at a bungalow in Alibaug," she said, adding that "steel is the colour in vogue". The challenge, predictably, is getting paid. "Most clients want the world, only until you share the budget with them. Then they don't want anything," she laughed.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

विविध भारती की केंद्र निदेशिका श्रीमति रूपाली रूपक का सेवा निवृत्ति समारोह

आज दिनांक 25/04/2016 को विविध भारती की केंद्र निदेशिका श्रीमति रूपाली रूपक स्वैच्छिक सेवा निवृत्त होने जा रहीं हैं। श्रीमति रूपाली रूपक ने 12 वर्ष की उम्र में संगीत के क्षेत्र में कदम रखा । उन्होंने रायबरेली में ग्वालियर घराने के उस्ताद बाबा अब्दुल रशीद खान, जिन्हें स्नेहवश रसन पिया के नाम से भी जाना जाता है और जो कि पद्मविभूषण और अन्य कई पुरस्कारों से सम्मानित हैं, उनसे संगीत की शिक्षा प्राप्त की। इसके अलावा सुगम संगीत की शिक्षा लखनऊ के उस्ताद श्री मनोज स्वरूप जी से पाई । श्रीमति रूपाली रूपक ने संगीत प्रभाकर और संगीत प्रवीण की परीक्षा में स्वर्ण पदक हासिल किए हैं।

श्रीमति रूपाली रूपक ने 18 वर्ष की उम्र में अपना पहला कंसर्ट आकाशवाणी रामपुर में किया और उसके बाद कई कंसर्ट में हिस्सा लिया। सन 1988 में आकाशवाणी जयपुर में कार्यक्रम अधिकारी के रूप में कार्य-ग्रहण किया और सन 1992 से वे मुंबई आकाशवाणी , C S U और विविध भारती में कार्यरत रहीं।

आज श्रीमति रूपाली रूपक के विदाई समारोह में श्रीमति शैलजा सुमन (डीडीजी, आकाशवाणी, मुंबई), श्रीमति संतोष शर्मा (पूर्व सहायक केंद्र निदेशिका), श्रीमति शंकुतला पंडित (पूर्व कार्यक्रम अधिकारी) भी उपस्थित थे। श्रीमति रूपाली रूपक ने अपने विदाई सम्बोधन में सबके लिए शुभकामनायें व्यक्त की। आकाशवाणी विविध भारती परिवार भी उन्हें हमेशा एक बेहद सक्रिय, सशक्त और मिलनसार अधिकारी के रूप में याद रखेगा। श्रीमति रूपाली रूपक के लिए अनेकोनेक शुभकामनायें।

Inspiration - A District Collector’s Mind Blowing Initiative to Feed the Hungry in Kozhikode

The people of Kozhikode have made a commitment to not let anyone go hungry in their city. They are silently funding a free meal coupon initiative that has fed over 9000 people in the last one year. ....

“We cannot ask a hungry person to get his hunger attested by a certified gazetted officer! That is why we insisted on the philosophy that ‘no questions will be asked’. If you ask for a food coupon, you will get it, it is as dignified as that,” says District Collector of Kozhikode, Prashant Nair, the chief architect of this project called ‘Operation Sulaimani’, eponymous of Kozhikode’s very own local black tea, served with a dash of lemon and cardamom.

The project was launched by Kozhikode’s District Collector, Prashant Nair, who envisaged this as a community owned and community driven initiative in its entirety. The Collector’s office initiated it and the Kerala State Hotel and Restaurants Association roped in over 125 city restaurants to become a part of this.
But, there are no big sponsors nor do any government funds flow in. The small and big contributions by the citizens are dropped into little boxes with ‘Operation Sulaimani’ inscribed on them.......

AIR Imphal is representing India in ABU Song Festival

ABU Song Festival is to be celebrate on 26th April 2016 at Beijing,Republic of China . For the 2nd time All India Radio ,Imphal is representing India in this festival .Lansana Chanu Thokchom ,a child artiste from AIR,Imphal,Manipur will perform in this festival on her number "Malem Leishemba (The Creation)". Ms Bijaya Yumlembam , Programme Executive, AIR,Imphal is escorting her and three instrumentalist.

Earlier in 2014 Bijaya Yumlembam introduce Ms Mangka Mayanglambam from AIR,Imphal in the same festival at Colombo,SriLanka . Its our pride that from so many entries of different AIR Stations and States ,AIR,Imphal,Manipur got selection and representing the whole country.

Click HERE to see the performance.

Contributed by:- L.Vedanti Devi ,Assistant Director (Official Language),AIR,Imphal


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